‘MAFS’: Jacob Harder Talks About Sex With Ex Haley Harris

Jacob Harder

TLC "Married at First Sight" star Jacob Harder opened up about the "fabled" sex experience he had with ex-wife Haley Harris.

“Married at First Sight” star Jacob Harder opened up about the “fabled” sex experience he had with ex-wife Haley Harris after their intimacy was referenced during the matchmaking special for season 13 of “MAFS.”

“So for the narrative that won’t go away since everyone was pure class on the matchmaking social for season 13 of ‘MAFS’ I’ll say this: Just because I’m a guy don’t assume I enjoyed the fabled experience,” Harder wrote via Instagram stories on July 17, as captured by fans on Reddit. “I didn’t and the one thing I was asked to do by Haley was not discuss anything regarding sex. I didn’t on TV, mostly out of respect for her family, not her.”

“Praying for the season 13 cast, I hope your experiences aren’t messy like 12’s. I’m feeling ‘100%’ trapped on Maury Povich perpetually,” he added. “Now excuse me while I run off set.”

Harder and Haley had a difficult time navigating their relationship on season 12 of Married at First Sight, which took place in Atlanta. The first days of their marriage started off okay in August 2020, but something changed after the couple consummated their marriage during their honeymoon in Las Vegas.

Host Kevin Frazier asked if the experience was bad and if that led to the demise of their relationship during the matchmaking special, as noted by Reality TV World.

“Umm, you know, there were a lot of factors that played into it, mostly not being able to have a conversation,” Harris said. “He’s going to be great for someone, just not for me.”

“This is such a stressful process and you go through a lot,” she added.

Harder Was Accused of Saying the ‘Creepiest S***’ to Harris

While most of the marriages on season 12 of “Married at First Sight” didn’t work out, the cast did walk away with friendships. The men and women of the group have remained close, with season 12 cast member Virginia Coombs coming to Harris’ defense.

“I’m not fake like you and the other guys from the show and will do anything to protect my friend,” Coombs wrote during Harder’s Instagram live, which was preserved by the Instagram account MAFS Fan.

“I’m late to the convo but circling back to the Haley s*** it’s hilarious that you wanna sit there and talk as if we don’t all know that you said the creepiest shit any of us had ever heard ‘to’ her… literally begging her for sex,” she added, per MAFS Fan.

Harder Said His Ex Made the ‘Sex Stuff’ an Issue on National TV

In the comment section under MAFS Fan’s post, Harder continued to defend himself. He accused Harris of trying to “publicly humiliate” him and said he continues to comment about it because Harris and Coombs made it an even bigger issue.

“Haley made the Sex stuff an issue on national television at the reunion again and now I get asked about it often. What in the hell do I owe someone who tries to publicly humiliate me on National Television over and over??? Not a damn thing, and Virginia doing this just magnified it x100 so great job there,” he wrote. “Don’t create the issues and get big mad if I comment.”

“I did not bring this stuff up, I got asked several times about stuff and eventually I have some panned general answers,” Harder continued. “That’s life.”

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