MAFS Season 15 Spoilers: Are Alexis & Justin Still Together Today?

Alexis and Justin

Lifetime Alexis Mitchell, a 29-year-old logistics specialist, was paired with Justin Hall, a 32-year-old digital marketing specialist. 

The “Married At First Sight” stars Alexis Mitchell and Justin Hall were quick to say “I love you” but things took a turn for the worse when their dogs got into a fight. So have the stars decided to stay together or not?

MAFS Fan on Instagram has famously become a reliable source for “Married at First Sight” spoilers. Before Season 15 aired, the fan account had their educated predictions in place for the outcome of Decision Day.

When it comes to Alexis and Justin, also known as “Tree,” MAFS Fan predicted the couple decided to stay together on Decision Day. The caveat is that MAFS Fan claimed Alexis and Justin are not together today.

But nothing’s definite until Decision Day and the reunion air.

Justin is not looking like a right swipe on Tinder for Alexis. At the beginning of the season, Alexis did mention that she came across Justin’s profile on a dating app and swiped left.

What Happened With Their Dogs?

Alexis, a 29-year-old logistics specialist, was disappointed when Justin, a 32-year-old digital marketing specialist, didn’t tell her that his dog, Maya, had an aggressive past.

When the dogs met for the first time, Maya nipped at Newton when Justin and Alexis weren’t paying attention. Newton was left with a bloody eye and needed to be taken to the vet.

Both Alexis and Justin felt bad about how the situation went down.

“I feel like a crappy owner for sure,” Justin said during a therapy session with Pastol Cal Roberson, per Decider. “I should’ve paid attention to those signs. You know, the first time that she snapped and the second time, I just felt like I should’ve done something about it because it could’ve cost me my marriage.”

According to Alexis, Justin agreed to get rid of Maya if he took her to get trained and she didn’t get better.

“You said if it doesn’t work out, you’re sending her. I know that’s your baby but you said it to me and I need you to keep your word,” Alexis reminded her husband.

But Justin was hesitant to let his dog go.

Alexis and Justin Are Struggling to Connect

Post “dog gate,” Alexis and Justin are still having a hard time connecting. In a preview for the September 7 episode of “Married At First Sight,” Alexis accused Justin of being emotionally unstable during their one-month anniversary celebration.

It all went down at a group dinner when Alexis didn’t want to answer questions about their marriage.

“It’s making my husband uncomfortable, evidently,” Alexis told Miguel when her co-star said she didn’t have to answer the question.

“I just find it odd that you don’t have anything to say,” Justin told his wife. “It bothered me that you didn’t have anything to say.”

After some silence at the table, Alexis told Justin that he has a problem self-regulating.

“I need you to be consistent and it’s very uncomfortable when you are inconsistent because I don’t know what person I’m going to get at the end of the day and that’s a scary place to be for me,” Alexis said.

“Like you said, you’re emotional at times: It’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” she continued. “I feel like it’s just like you’re two different people and it scares me.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss “Married At First Sight” when it airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.