See All the Instagram Profiles for the ‘Married at First Sight’ Season 13 Couples

Married at First Sight Instagram Season 13

Lifetime A scene from Married at First Sight season 13.

Lifetime’s “Married at First Sight” season 13 is off to a strong start, with viewers already rooting for certain couples to stay together and worried about other couples who may not last very long. Here’s a look at each bride and groom’s Instagram profile. Although they’re all set to private as of the time of this article’s publication, they’re worth keeping an eye on. At some point when the season ends, the profiles will likely go public again.

Myrla & Gil’s Profiles


Myrla’s Instagram profile is Myrla.Feria. She’s following 312 people and has 1,273 people following her. While she’s made 293 posts to her account so far, she has the second-most followers of any of the other “Married at First Sight” participants so far. Only Zack has more followers.

Her bio is short, but it links to a LinkTree page with more details.


Her Linktree includes links to stories that reference her on “Married at First Sight,” including a story that Heavy previously published.


Gil’s profile is Gilcuer0. His bio includes a Bible verse (Psalm 37:3) and a quote from Jason Statham that reads: “I just want to work hard, make money, eat with good people, and love the same woman over and over again.”

Psalm 37:3 referenced that popular “trust in the Lord” verse which reads: “Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.”

Gil has 430 followers on Instagram and is following 359 people. He’s only made nine posts to his private account so far.

Brett & Ryan’s Profiles


Brett’s account is Brett_Nicole. She has 353 followers and is following 983 people. She’s made 100 posts to her account so far.

Her bio currently reads: “b r e t t. Coach. Love believer. Teacher. Car & shower performer. Loyal friend. Writer (in my head). My long story short is never short 🤍🕊💭 #BLM”


Ryan’s account is Ryanignacho. His bio reads: “Ryan Ig. Occasionally marry strangers on @mafslifetime.” He has 432 followers and is following 288 people. He’s only made 26 posts to his account so far.

Bao & Johnny’s Profiles


Bao’s Instagram profile is WowforBao. Her bio reads: “Bao Huong Hoang 😸.” She has 407 followers, is following 153 people, and has only made three posts to her private account so far.

Like Myrla, she has a Linktree page linked to her bio with more details.


Her LinkTree page lists numerous articles about the new “Married at First Sight” season, including articles about her. Her page also includes several articles referencing racist backlashes that Vietnamese Americans faced from COVID-19, including stories from Texas Monthly, PRI, and NPR.


Johnny’s Instagram page is lamJ. (Note: That’s LamJ, not IamJ.) He has 1,215 followers and is following 1,136 people. This makes his account the third-most-followed of all the season 13 participants. He’s also made the most posts of all the participants, with 2,311 posts to his private profile so far.

His bio reads: “Johnny Lam Season 13 #MarriedAtFirstSight Houston airs Wednesdays 7p Central on @mafslifetime 🤵🏻‍♂️⁉️👰🏻‍♀️”

He also has a LinkTree account, which you can see here.


The account includes links to articles about the new season.

Michaela & Zack’s Profiles


Michaela’s Instagram profile is She_is_mic. She has 837 followers and is following 486 people. Her bio simply reads: “M.I.C. Mo City ❤ Alief.” She’s also only made six posts to the account so far.


Zack’s Instagram profile is Zacharydfreeman. His bio simply reads: “Zack Freeman
Duke ‘15 | KAΨ Spring ‘13.”

Zack has the most followers of any of the “Married at First Sight” participants, with 1,340 followers at the time of this story’s publication. He’s following 707 people and has only made two posts to his private account so far.

Rachel & Jose’s Profiles


Rachel’s Instagram profile is Rachintheh. Her bio reads “Rachel G. 🏠 📍H O U S T O N 🍕 P I Z Z A & W I N E 🍷 😴 S L E E P ✈️ T R A V E L: 🌎” and has a link to a Page Six article about how she and Zack prepared for the series. She has 513 followers and is following 627 people and has made 786 posts to the private account.

Rachel shared in the interview that she was in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic and, at first, was dating someone else when she watched an entire season. After they broke up, she decided to try to join the cast when the opportunity “kind of fell in my lap.”


Jose’s profile is Jay_st.Michael.

His bio reads: “Jose San Miguel Jr. NASA Mission Flight Specialist • Real Estate Flipper/Investor • Finance Enthusiast• #mafs MAFS-Season 13 Houston #marriedatfirstsight.”

He has 425 followers and is following 399 people. His bio links to a Parade article about the season. He’s made 351 posts to the private account so far.

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