Melissa Joan Hart Shares Photos from New Lifetime Christmas Movie

Getty Melissa Joan Hart and Santa attend "It's a Wonderful Lifetime” party in 2019.

Melissa Joan Hart has just wrapped a new Christmas movie for Lifetime called “Mistletoe in Montana.” She’s been sharing photos from filming, letting fans get a small taste of what’s in store.

She Shared Photos from a Night Shoot

The movie has had multiple night shoots, and she shared a photo from one in late July on her Instagram.

She wrote on Instagram: “I love night shoots! It’s a bonding experience and brings new adventure to a shoot! Full moon makes it even better. 🌕🎥 #MistletoeinMontana”

She shared that she and Kellie Martin were having this Christmas adventure together.

Independent Record reported that some filming took place in East Helena for the Lifetime movie, and utilized local residents as extras. Some of the scenes included holiday shopping, a carriage ride, and a Christmas parade. Other scenes were filmed on Main Street, from the Eagles building to Stacks Clothing. The clothing story put winter items in the storefront window to help contribute to the Christmas theme.

The Movie Is About a Woman Who Runs a Dude Ranch

Hart’s mother told Independent Record provided that the upcoming movie is about a woman who runs a dude ranch with her dad. At some point, she falls in love with one of the guests.

Paula Hart, Melissa Hart’s mother, is a producing partner for the movie, which is being made by the family production company, Hartbreak Films.

Jamey Sheridan and Duane Henry are also starring, Independent Records reported.

Filming Wrapped in Early August

Filming wrapped in early August, so the weather was definitely hot while they tried to create a cozy Christmas feeling. She wrote on Instagram on August 1: “What a trip! What a story! What a memory! So many highs and lows and I can’t wait to share it with you all in December.”

Hallmark star Lacey Chabert replied: “Congrats!!”

On July 30, Hart shared a photo talking specifically about how hot it was while trying to film her movie. She wrote: “Shooting Christmas movies in a heat wave in July means finding relief whereever it exists.”

Hallmark star Danica McKellar had experienced her own heatwave while filming a Hallmark Christmas movie. She replied: “Yes… today was over 100° and we were in sweaters, outside!! 🙃”

Hart also shared a photo from a barn on Instagram, giving another hint about the movie.

Hart also shared a photo with her in costume for one of the scenes.

The movie is also going to involve a lot of filming with horses. She wrote on Instagram: “Not sure how to tell my husband about the new love of my life? #Maverick #MistletoeinMontana”

She shared a number of photos of the ranch life she was enjoying during filming.

In an interview with The Ringer, Hart explained that this was one of her most challenging movies to film because of the heatwave and fires.

She said: “We didn’t get to showcase the vistas and stuff we really wanted to see. And because of COVID we had a lot of restrictions and a lot of challenges in that department. So it was difficult. But we got it done and it was beautiful and I’m really proud of it.”

She said dressing in winter clothes was a challenge, especially since many locations weren’t built with air conditioning.

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