MAFS Season 15: Are Morgan & Binh Still Together?

Morgan Binh

Lifetime "Married At First Sight" stars Morgan and Binh have been struggling to reconnect after Binh broke Morgan's trust.

“Married At First Sight” stars Morgan Bell and Binh Trinh have been struggling to reconnect after Bihn broke Morgan’s trust.

The couple seemed to get along well on their wedding day, but things soon crumbled after Bihn questioned if Morgan “lied” about being a nurse. Morgan claimed Binh went behind her back and talked to other people about their relationship — something Binh regretted and apologized for.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers. Please do not continue reading if you do not want the ending to be spoiled. 

As for Binh and Morgan from Season 15 of “Married at First Sight” still being together today, it looks like they might have decided to get a divorce.

MAFS Fan on Instagram has been a pretty reliable spoiler account for several seasons of “Married At First Sight.” During their predictions for Binh and Morgan, MAFS Fan said they get divorced and don’t even make it to Decision Day. That also means Bihn and Morgan are not together currently.

Things Get Tense Between Morgan and Bihn

The Lifetime teaser for the September 7 episode hinted there were major problems ahead for the San Diego couple.

A clip showed Binh and Morgan fighting after he apparently talked about their problems to another cast mate. A second scene showed Binh holding a rose out to Morgan, but she takes it and throws it to the ground.

“Alexis told me everything by the way,” Morgan tells Binh.

“About what?” he asks.

But Morgan closed the door and didn’t answer her husband.

“Binh has been going behind my back and telling lies about me to other people,” Morgan tells Lifetime cameras. “Things are not good right now I’ll leave it up to the imagination but I’m going to have a lot to say tomorrow to Binh.”

Before the disagreement, Binh and Morgan seemed like they were moving in the right direction after Binh had Korean BBQ ready for his wife when she got home from work.

Morgan then opened up to Binh. “I didn’t like myself for years. I hated myself,” Morgan told him. “But now I don’t care,” she said.

Morgan And Binh Were Both Ready to Settle Down

Before they walked down the aisle, both Binh and Morgan told the experts they were ready for something serious.

“As a nurse, Morgan feels as though her career has prepared her well for an opportunity like Married At First Sight,” her bio on Lifetime’s website says. “She is at a point in life where she is ready to settle down; she is stable, knows what she wants in a partner, and is open to the possibility of the experts finding her a man with whom she could easily spend the rest of life.”

Binh was inspired to go through with the process because of his parents.

“Binh is in the best physical and mental shape of his life. He believes it is time to settle down and start a family,” his bio reads. “He has full faith in the Married At First Sight process because his own parents fell in love at first sight and he has always wanted a love like theirs.”

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