Lion Latch on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Lion Latch Shark Tank

ABC Lion Latch on "Shark Tank"

Entrepreneur Lerin Lockwood took her company, Lion Latch, and its products, to the sharks on ABC’s “Shark Tank” to see if she could get one of the investors to invest in the company during the season 13 premiere.

According to the episode synopsis, “a high school art teacher from Burnet, Texas, introduces the Sharks to her convenient and safe way to store jewelry when on the go.”

The entrepreneur was able to pitch their company to Sharks Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner and guest Shark Emma Grede.

Here’s what you should know about Uprising on “Shark Tank”:

1. Lion Latch Is a Jewelry Box

Lion Latch may sound like a silly trinket, but it’s actually a jewelry box meant to hold onto valuables and keep them safe when people need to take them off or put things down.

The product idea came about when Lerin Lockwood bent her engagement ring and completely ruined it after wearing the ring while coaching softball. One of the stones in the ring fell out, and it was bent.

“We never wanted to have that feeling again, so I began to look for places to keep my ring when I couldn’t wear it,” Lockwood writes on the website.

She says that she tried to put them in her purse or wallet, but that felt unsafe.

2. The Product Was Invented to Protect the Founder’s Rings

According to the company’s website, the product was invented by Lockwood when she needed a safe place to put her rings during the day when she did not want to scratch or lose them. Lockwood is a high school art teacher and coaches sports.

“I use my hands a LOT throughout the day and because I’m so active, I have several occasions where I have to take off my wedding rings and other small jewelry,” the website reads. “When I’m in the weight room, on the field or on the courts, I have to take my rings off to avoid scratching or bending them.”

She also writes that she takes them off when teaching art and working with clay on the pottery wheel.

3. It Is Billed As a Good Gift

The Lion Latch is the perfect gift for teachers, nurses, athletes, and more, according to the company’s website.

One type of person who might use the Lion Latch regularly, the website says, are traveling enthusiasts.

“It can also store much more than small jewelry: Vitamins, inner ear hearing aids, lost teeth and even money,” the site reads. “Any tiny valuables you would not want to lose in your purse or pocket.”

4. The Company Got Its Original Funding on Kickstarter

The Lion Latch was funded originally by a Kickstarter campaign back in 2015.

Overall, the campaign raised $14,592 based on contributions by 225 backers. The product was expected to ship in November 2015, though from the update page, it appears they actually shipped a month later than expected.

The product has changed since its time on Kickstarter, however.

The reason the Lion Latch is unique because instead of screwing shut, the ring at the top of the product is actually what latches the product, meaning when it is closed and locked, it cannot be opened without removal of the ring. There is an instructional video online to show how exactly the latch works.

5. The Lion Latch Can Be Purchased Online

The Lion Latch comes in a variety of colors including blue, fluorescent yellow and pink. The product can be purchased online in a 10 pack for $104, a 5 pack for $49.96 or a 3 pack for $29.95.

If only one Lion Latch is needed, it can be purchased for $9.95 from the company’s website.

“Shark Tank” airs on Fridays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time on ABC.

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