WATCH: Video of Former Little Miss Flint Trolling Trump Goes Viral

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Instagram/Getty Former Little Miss Flint, Mari Copeny, trolls Donald Trump for losing the election with hilarious dance video on Instagram.

Mari Copeny, who rose to national fame as Little Miss Flint after a photo of herself and Donald Trump went viral in 2016, perfectly trolled the president in a dancing Instagram video that’s going viral online. Mari, confident Trump would lose, shared the video on Election Day, days before Democratic candidate Joe Biden was officially projected as the winner.

Mari was just 9 years old when Trump visited her hometown of Flint, Michigan, to check on the city’s water crises. While Mari appeared terrified in the viral picture with the then-Republican presidential frontrunner, her mother assured that she was not.

“We had to get through the crowd twice to get his attention since [Trump] walked out the opposite way he came in (which had her a bit overwhelmed),” Lulu Brazell wrote on Facebook. “Then, with people yelling at him, and add the secret service to the mix, well think how you would feel? Their whole interaction was ten seconds tops.”

Now, Copeny at age 13, is dancing with happiness with the fact that Trump is projected to lose re-election. In the video, Mari is sporting a pink “Vote Him Out” sweatshirt while singing, “You about to lose yo’ job!” On November 3, The former beauty queen captioned the post, “Polls close locally in a little over an hour. If you haven’t already get out and vote.”

The ‘You About to Lose Yo’ Job’ Chant Originated From the Viral Dancing Video of Johniqua Charles

Johnniqua Charles : You about to lose yo job, black lives MatterWitness how a drug addicted junkie is threatening a Police Officer. Four months ago, Johnniqua Charles was homeless, dealing with an addiction, and estranged from her family when she had a run-in with a security officer. Now, because of a video of that incident that's gone viral in recent days, Charles’ life is beginning to…2020-06-09T21:54:09Z

If the song Mari is lip-synching in the video sounds familiar, it’s because the chant originated from Johniqua Charles, a 27-year-old homeless woman who was arrested in Dillon, South Carolina. Video of the incident went viral online four-months after she was detained by a security officer for trespassing Diamonds Gentleman Night Club, according to Buzzfeed News.

At the time, Charles estranged from her family, including her 3-year-old son Juju, and battling drug addiction.

“Why are you detaining me? You about to lose yo’ job,” Charles says in the video. While the officer has her in his grasp, Charles starts dancing while singing, “You about to lose yo job. You about to lose yo job. Get this dance! You about to lose yo job ‘cause you are detaining me for nothing.”

Ultimately, Charles was not arrested. “He didn’t have a reason. He didn’t have anything to charge me with,” she said. “Because what would be the charge?”

After the video went viral, Charles said that her life started to turn around. Her sister Andrea set up a GoFundMe account which raised over $55,000 for Charles.

“The only reason that the GoFundMe and those platforms were created were people were begging to donate to her,” Andrea said. “Once I made her Instagram, people were flooding in, saying, ‘How can I bless her? She just blessed my day so much. She just made my day.’ So the only reason it was created was so people could bless her life.”

What Is Mari Up to Now? Little Miss Flint Continues to Be An Influential Activist

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I’m just getting started 😎

A post shared by Mari Copeny (@littlemissflint) on Oct 7, 2020 at 10:02pm PDT

When Good Morning America checked in with the former Little Miss Flint in 2019 in honor of Earth Day, and it was clear that Mari had not given up plight to make her community a better and safer place.

Five years after the city’s water source switched to the Flint River which caused nearly 100 people to become critically ill and 12 deaths, “People are still using bottled water and they’re not drinking or using the water to do anything,” she said. “A lot of people think we don’t see it in the news anymore so the water crises must be over.. the water must be better. Absolutely not.”

Now, Mari has amassed 157,00 followers on Instagram and continues to be an outspoken activist, and philanthropist while being a 7th-grade student. She is sponsored by companies such as Asus and Kids Foot Locker. She is also the president of “Project i AM, which is described on their official website as a “501c3 non-profit organization” which was “created by 8-year-old Jahkil Naeem Jackson.”

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