LHHH’s Apryl Jones Claps Back at Meek Mill for Dissing Lil Fizz Relationship

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The drama between Moniece Slaughter and Apryl Jones isn’t staying strictly amongst Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood cast members. Monday (Nov. 11) rapper Meek Mill decided to wade into the mess by calling Apryl and her new squeeze, Lil’ Fizz, out on Instagram.

On a new post featuring Apryl and Fizz, Apryl writes, “My goal is that someone sees my page and decides to grow strong, live YOUR life, and not give a f*ck.”

The top comment on the post is from Meek, where he says, “Y’all outta pocket for this move. No disrespect,” meaning that what Apryl and Lil’ Fizz are doing is totally screwed up. He’s referencing the fact that Apryl’s former boyfriend is Omarion, who just so happens to be Lil’ Fizz’s former bandmate. Apryl and Omarion dated from 2014 to 2016 and have two children together; Omarion and Fizz were both members of B2K from 1999-2004, then they reunited in 2018.

Meek Mill is apparently not the only one who feels that way about Apryl hooking up with her baby daddy’s bandmate. Lots of commenters responded with a “100” emoji and things like “u dead*ss right” and “facts.”

Other commenters, however, think it’s none of his business, telling him to “get over it” and wondering “didn’t u do the same to safari with Nicki?,” referencing how Meek Mill dated Nicki Minaj after she was with Safaree Samuels — though that’s not exactly the same thing since Meek Mill and Safaree Samuels are not ex-bandmates (or even friends).

But either way, Apryl and Fizz definitely think Meek Mill should keep out of it. Fizz clapped back at him, “Only thing outta pocket is what I paid for the dinner,” and Apryl responded, “No disrespect. But you tried to talk to me. And that’s not out of pocket….”

Between Meek Mill and Moniece Slaughter, Apryl and Fizz definitely have it coming at them from all sides about their new relationship. But at least Fizz’s sister Brooke is supportive, telling them in Monday’s (Nov. 11) Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood that she’s glad Fizz has someone in his life who loves him just the way he is.

“They can talk all the sh*t they want and they don’t know what y’all have. So f*ck ’em, right?” says Brooke.

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