Reality Star Posts Alarming Posts on Social Media

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ALove & Hip Hop: Atlanta star posted some alarming posts on social media signaling that she was having a difficult time. On October 22, 2020, Akbar posted some statuses on her Instagram story that included some suicidal thoughts.

She recently had gastric sleeve surgery that left her with loose skin. She had cosmetic surgery to have the loose skin removed  and she has been sharing her recovery process via Instagram. The comments that she has been receiving from followers were causing her distress and she vented via her Instagram stories.

“I’m ready to go be with my mother,” she wrote in her Instagram story.

Akbar also said she recently “received the worst news of her life” and she “couldn’t do s*** but break down in tears.” She also expressed that she was going to stop sharing her recovery process on Instagram and also delete the app as well.

See her posts below.


Akbar Went on Instagram Live & Said She Is “Very Depressed Right Now”

On October 23, 2020 Akbar went on Instagram and spoke about her fragile mental state. She said when she posted those messages on her Instagram she “felt like giving up.” She also said she has been losing relationships as well which has been hurtful.

“People around me is leaving me,” she said through her tears. “I’m losing a lot of people. I don’t know why people leaving me. I ain’t did nobody no harm.”

She also said that she was preparing to sign her record deal and then “negative things started happening.” Due to her current hardships, she said she is “very depressed right now.”

Akbar also blasted social media users who always bash her parenting and mention her children, calling them “disgusting people.”

While on Instagram Live, she also spoke about her childhood trauma and how people around her would tell her she “going to be like her mother,” who she said in the live video had a substance abuse problem.

Akbar Revealed She Was Pregnant

Last week, Akbar said she was not going through with her surgery to remove her loose skin because she was pregnant. She still had the surgery so followers were confused about whether she is actually pregnant or not.

Instagram users were very critical of Akbar in the comments because her five children are not in her physical custody.

“Y would she have more kids and she [don’t] have the ones she birthed already ???,” one user wrote.

Another user wrote: “How can people have kids and [can’t even] take care of the ones they already got?”

Akbar saw the comments and snapped on the people who were giving her so much backlash saying:

“When y’all hoes even mention my kids ima say what I want to u don’t speak bout them period or on them don’t worry who got custody or who don’t I’m not sparing [your] kids [your] mother nobody cause my kids see these comments an they gonna also see they mother going in on all y’all.”

See the post below.


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