Jeremih’s Collaborator Accused of Shooting Her Friend in the Head

Ann Marie arrested

Instagram/Ann Marie Ann Marie pictured on her Instagram page.

Ann Marie is the Chicago-based singer who is accused of shooting her friend in the head inside of a hotel room in the Buckhead section of Atlanta on December 1. Ann Marie, whose real name is Joann Marie Slater, is perhaps best known for her song, 2018’s “Secret.”

According to the Atlanta-based Reporter Newspapers, the shooting took place at the InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta hotel on the evening of December 1. The victim, who was not named in the report, was found inside a room with a gunshot wound in his head. The victim was conscious and alert when he was taken to a local hospital.

Ann Marie Says the Gun Fell Off of the Table, Striking the Man in the Head

CBS Atlanta reports that the man is still being treated at Grady Memorial Hospital where he listed as being in critical condition. Ann Marie told responding officers that the gun fell off of a table and went off, hitting the 24-year-old man. The CBS report went on to say that Ann Marie, 25, was hysterical when she was removed from the hotel room and asked repeatedly whether or not the victim was dead. She also said that the pair had known each other since childhood and were visiting Atlanta together from Chicago.

Ann Marie arrested

Instagram/Ann Marie

Ann Marie is facing charges of possession of a firearm, simple battery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to online records.

Ann Marie has not been active on either her Twitter or Instagram pages since November 30.

Ann Marie’s Success Has Been Attributed to Her ‘Straightforward Confessions’ & ‘Honesty’ About Relationships

Ann Marie told Rolling Stone in a March 2019 feature that she is a native of the Englewood neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. The article credits Ann Marie’s presence on YouTube prior to her signing a recording deal as contributing to her success. At the time of the article, her song “Secret” had already achieved more than 20 million views. The article describes Ann Marie’s music by saying, “Ann Marie’s straightforward confessions about daily romance is a compelling about-face and a reminder that the most refreshing R&B in the room isn’t always the most ambitious. Sometimes it’s the honesty that cuts through.”

Ann Marie boasts more than 1.1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and has amassed more than 260 million views on the platform. Variety reported in June 2019 that Ann Marie signed a deal with Interscope Records. Interscope spokesperson Nicole Wyskoarko said at the time, “Ann Marie is the prototype for today’s artist. She’s developed and cultivated a dedicated fan base using the tools of today while understanding the pace and quality of product needed to succeed in the modern music landscape.”

Ann Marie’s Most Recent Song Dealt With a Woman Who Has a Cheating Boyfriend

Ann Marie’s most recent single, “You Can Have Him,” is described by Grunge Cake as telling the story of a couple’s relationship in which, “He’s been cheating, and she’s not with the games, so she’s giving him back to the streets.”

Ann Marie alluded to relationship problems in an October 2020 tweet in which she wrote, “Want one of them relationships where it feels like u dating yo best friend.” While on November 17, Ann Marie suggested she was happy to be single saying, “Not talkin to nobody, not in love, not crushing, no sneaky links, S***… just chillin and focused!”

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