Why Ari Fletcher Served This Reality Star With a Cease & Desist Letter

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Ari Fletcher, known for being an Instagram model and having a child with rapper G Herbo, has served former Love & Hip Hop star Rah Ali with a cease and desist letter. Fletcher, who has an ongoing feud with Rah Ali and her blog “It’s Onsite,” served Ali with a cease and desist letter that forbade her from posting anything about Fletcher on their Instagram page.

“It has come to our attention that you recently began using Ms. Fletcher’s name, image and likeness for your own commercial benefit without consent or authorization,” the letter read.

The letter also included links to posts from the “It’s Onsite” Instagram page that are described as “infringing material” that the company is accused of posting to “damage Fletcher’s reputation.”

Rah Ali Bashed Ari Fletcher via Twitter Over Letter

After being served with the letter, Ali vented about the matter via Twitter.

“Not THE BIG BAD WOLF running to the law,” she tweeted. “Not the b**** that tells MF’s she’s gone beat they baby outta them calling for help. NOT Ms. ‘You Better Hug Your Baby Tight Tonight’ calling the man for help. THIS HOW I KNOW YOU SAT DOWN WITH THEM PROSECUTORS AGAINST HERBO.”

Ali went on to slam Fletcher for coming after her blog after she was the one who initially addressed her in a derogatory manner.

When you go against small time start up blogs with limited resources and funds, running to the law may work in your favor, but that’s not the case with @Its_Onsite I’m gonna dog walk you “in this court case you started” #YouInformant.”

When U have a b**** that goes on the record threatening MF’s and their children, when U have a b**** that talks like she’s the mob contact the law b/c she can’t take the same energy she puts out, that’s a b**** that plays w/police so U betta know she talking 2them folks on her BD.

But see b**** you have met your MF match,” she wrote. “The day you told me you would beat my baby outta me, and disrupted my peace and health during my pregnancy I made you a promise and god knows Ima keep it. #YouInformant You ain’t met a b**** as devoted to keeping her promise like me.”

Ali added that even though there hasn’t been any back-and-forth between she and Fletcher publicly, she accused Fletcher of saying things to or about her behind the scenes. Ali also claimed that Fletcher has a Fenty deal that she doesn’t want to compromise which may have led to her sending the cease-and-desist letter.

“Oh, and any1 who thinks that she hasn’t said anything ELSE, b/c she’s so mature is a damn fool,” she wrote. “For one, she knows it’s up and two she wanted the situation to die down so that she wouldn’t lose her Fenty deal. They asked that she issue an apology. One thing I’m not is a liar.”

Fletcher & Ali’s Feud Began in October 2020

Fletcher and Ali got on bad terms in October 2020 after Fletcher snapped over an Instagram post on the “It’s Onsite” page. They reposted a tweet that Fletcher posted that read, “I’m a really sweet girl with good intentions I just end up in bad situations sometimes and it force me to get out of character to protect myself from getting f***** over.”

The tweet was reposted on the “It’s Onsite” page with the caption, “Ari is tired of being misunderstood. #Clique, can y’all relate?” Fletcher then replied in the comments saying: “No I’m not. Wtf you talking about?”

Fletcher sent a threat to Ali via the comments that read, “RAH I WILL BEAT THE BABY OUT YO A** B***** FIND YOU SOMEBODY 40 AND UP TO PLAY WITH HOE.”

The site wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post that Fletcher sent Ali a message that read “yo baby daddy gonna be mad tonight.” Ali then publicly claimed that Fletcher was referring to her ex-boyfriend and that she had been sleeping with him for 10 months and cheating on her boyfriend, rapper Moneybagg Yo.

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