Love & Hip Hop Star Hospitalized For a Month After Giving Birth

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A Love & Hip Hop star has opened up about her scary experience giving birth to her last child. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Brooke Valentine revealed that after she gave birth to her daughter, Chi Summer, she was hospitalized for a month.

In a new video titled “Mommy & Me” uploaded to VH1’s YouTube channel, the “Girl Fight” singer shared that both of her pregnancies were high risk and went into detail about the difficulties she had during and after giving birth.

“I would say with both pregnancies it was kind of like sit down, stay calm, eat right, be stress-free. So I had to shut down with both of my kids,” she said. “Then I experienced postpartum hemorrhage after the birth of my kids. I ended up being in the hospital myself a whole month after having the baby recovering. It was a lot. It was stressful.”

After welcoming Chi Summer, with her husband and Love & Hip Hop co-star Marcus Black, her baby didn’t have any health issues and was able to go home.

“With Chi Summer it was a bit different,” she added. “She was totally fine and just went home and I was in the hospital,” she said. “She was waiting on me to get out.”

Valentine said her pregnancy with Chi Summer was high risk because her blood pressure was “through the roof” and because of her age. She shared that her pregnancy with her son, London, was high risk because she had a condition called placenta previa, which is when “the placenta is covering the exit.”

One thing the Houston, Texas native was surprised about was being able to breastfeed, something she thought she wouldn’t be able to do because lumps were found in her breasts a few years ago.

“Everybody saw what I went through on the show when I had lumps in my breast and I had to have them removed,” she said. “When I went for the surgery, I talked to the surgeon and he told me there was a chance I may not be able to breastfeed.”

Valentine said she breastfed her daughter for eight months.

Watch the “Mommy & Me” video below.

Mommy & Me: Brooke Valentine | Love & Hip Hop: HollywoodBrooke Valentine and Marcus Black open up about their baby daughter Chí Summer, Brooke’s high-risk pregnancy, and blending their families (and now virtual schooling) with their older children London and Brooklynn. #VH1 #LHH #LHHH More from Love & Hip Hop: Official Website: Like Love & Hip Hop on Facebook: Follow Love & Hip…2020-11-20T15:00:29Z

Valentine’s Husband Said They Will Use a Surrogate If They Have Another Child

While discussing if she wanted another child, Valentine said she is open to it and Black echoed that but he had one condition. He said that if he and Valentine had another child they would be using a surrogate. He shared that her labor was such a terrifying experience that he never wants to see her go through something like that again.

My wife lost a record amount of blood. She’s in there passing out, her mom passed out. There was a very strong chance it could have been a swap out. You could have got the baby and lost…It was crazy in there. Especially ’cause we not getting no younger, I don’t ever want to put her through that again. If it was something that would happen, somebody else would be carrying the baby. She’s not doing that anymore… This is my best friend. I just want to have fun with my wife. I don’t want to be raising kids forever. We got three kids. That should be enough.”

Valentine and Black quietly welcomed Chi Summer in 2019. Black revealed that they had their first child together in a Mother’s Day post on Instagram.

What do you get a woman who only wants privacy and chic-fil-a 😂 ??? I went back and forth all day on whether or not I was gon post this but I mean… it’s Mother’s Day babe. I just can’t let the day end without publicly thanking you for our princess.I thank God for you and I’m excited about this new journey. Through all the ups and downs, high risk appointments, hospital stays and life’s uncertainties you stayed solid. You’ve always been ten toes down. I never had to question where you stood in my life. My plan is to multiply your investment in my purpose. I love you without conditions my n****… Happy Mother’s Day.”

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