Cardi B Offers $10,000 for Information on This Person

Cardi B suspect

Instagram/Cardi B Cardi B deleted the image of this person from her Instagram page after offering a reward for information.

Love & Hip Hop: New York legend Cardi B offered $10,000 for information on the man in the image above, according to a now-deleted post on her Instagram page. Cardi wrote in part on her page, “You tried it BUDDY!!!!” The image is somewhat blurry and appears to show a white male whose head is mostly or entirely bald or shaved.

The “WAP” singer wrote in full, “Anybody know this man from New York? I’m looking for him… You tried it BUDDY!!!! …I’m giving TEN THOUSAND For any info on this man.” It’s unclear why Cardi B is looking for information on the man and also why she later deleted the post. There is no indication that he committed any crime.

In a video posted around 2 a.m. Eastern time on January 28, Cardi asked her followers on Instagram to tag her in photos with information rather than send direct messages and for users to make sure their page is not private. In that video, Cardi refers to the man in the photo as a “lovely man.”

In a later video posted around 12:30 p.m. addressed to “the dumb people in the back,” she said she posted the man’s photo because “I feel like the cops aren’t moving fast enough.” She then told the story of how her cousin stopped on the highway for a man who needed help. As the men were driving, “he put a gun on his head, he started putting the gun on his chest, and he robbed him, and he make him continue driving.” She said her cousin gave the photo to police but “I just feel like they’re taking a long time and everything and it’s like f***** social media you could find anything and anybody!”

She said she doesn’t intend to share his information with people who might hurt the man but instead to give it to police. “I’m a million-dollar woman with a kid and responsibilities, like, I’m not that f***** dumb.” She said she took inspiration from efforts to find the January 6 Capitol rioters through social media.

Some Users Have Pointed out Similarities Between the Man & UFC Boss Dana White

UFC President Dana White

GettyUFC President Dana White.

Cardi tweeted about the picture, “I’m not putting a bounty just want some info and if I did this man put a gun on somebody’s head rob them, and kept them hostage!”

When a follower asked if The Bronx rapper was safe she replied, “Yes it wasn’t to me.” She also responded, “I can’t with ya” after one follower pointed out the similarities between the man in the picture and UFC impresario Dana White.

Cardi Offered $10,000 for Information on Suspects Following an Acid Attack on a Teenager in the Dominican Republic

Lanzan ácido del diablo a joven en Santo DomingoSus familiares imploran justicia. La madre de la joven Yocairi Amarante Rodríguez, a quien desconocidos en una motocicleta le lanzaron el químico corrosivo “ácido del diablo” en la cara, pidió justicia para que el caso no quede impune.2020-09-29T03:25:10Z

This isn’t the first time Cardi has used her platform and considerable wealth to identify someone. In October 2020, Cardi offered $10,000 to anyone with information about a heinous attack on a teenager in the Dominican Republic. El Diario reported that the incident occurred on September 29 when 19-year-old Yocairi Amarante Rodríguez was returning home from work. Rodriguez fell victim to an acid attack. Dr. Eddy Bruno of the burn unit at Ney Arias hospital in San Domingo Norte told the newspaper that Rodriguez was in critical condition after suffering burns on 40% of her body. Dr. Bruno described the burns as “deep” and that they had affected her face.

The acid used was described by El Diario as the “devil’s acid,” which is made largely of sulfuric acid. A reward of $5,000 for information on the incident was also offered by a Dominican DJ named Santiago Matias. It’s unclear if Cardi paid out any of the $10,000 in that case.

Diario Libre reported in December 2020 that three men were being charged with involvement in the attack. Those included Willy Antonio Javier Monegro, Rodriguez’s ex-boyfriend. He’s accused of paying two other men to perpetrate the attack. The trio could face as much as 30 years in prison if found guilty on all charges, the outlet reported.

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