Cardi B Getting Dragged On Social Media Over $88,000 Bag

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Getty Cardi B attends STX Entertainment's "Hustlers" Photo Call at Four Seasons Los Angeles.

Cardi B shared that she wants to spend $80,000 on a purse and got slammed on Twitter for it. The Grammy-winning rapper was even accused of “gaslighting people for being poor during a pandemic.”

“Should I spend 88K for this damn purse? Omggg it’s tempting,” she asked on Twitter.

Once she asked her followers this question, she began receiving backlash for wanting to buy such an expensive purse. People began sending her tweets shaming her and telling her she should be donating to to charity instead of making such hefty purchases during a pandemic. The former Love & Hip Hop star snapped back and clarified that she has always made charitable donations.

“I already donated $2 million dollars this year and I’m doing something very special in a another country that will be done with next year,” she tweeted. “What have you donated?”

Cardi B said she asked the question on Twitter because she doesn’t have any celebrity friends to run these type of questions by.

“The issue is I really don’t have celeb friends,” she said. “My only celeb friend is my hubby. My real fans be giving me advice & I mostly go by with it. Its not my fault. BARDIGANG are my friends. I’m on twitter for THEM not for YOU!”

She then challenged her critics to a challenge.

“Okay let’s do this challenge! Since ya want to tell me to donate soo much …Drop receipts on what YOU have donated [to.] I will match it and donate to a organization you have [donated to] as well. LETS START NOW!”

Cardi B Responded to People Criticizing Her

While defending herself, the “I Like It” rapper made sure she responded to some of her harshest critics.

“How ya was making lines to splurge on a PS5 now I’m asking my fans a question and it’s a whole issue?,” she tweeted.

One of her followers tweeted:

“Imagine gaslighting people for being poor during a pandemic? For someone who claims to come from a ‘struggle’ this is an awful mindset to have. I hope you never have to experience poverty again because this Cardi, ain’t it.”

In response, Cardi B replied:

“Mannn stfu I’m not gaslighting people that going thru poverty I’m addressing the people that always screaming to celebs that they “constantly drag “to donate but never donate themselves. I donate all the time no1 say nun now when we talk about spending money we work here ya come.”

After tweeting a picture of the $88,000 bag that caused so much fuss, the Hustlers star revealed that she didn’t want to buy the bag to be fashionable.

“It’s not about being cute it’s about the value. In 3 years I can auction it for double,” she said.

Cardi, who has deleted her Twitter before over conflict with followers, said she was tempted not be so transparent on the social platform anymore.
On God .I’m just going to post bible verses. These new generation Americans are different types of crybabies mam
BRO ALL I DID WAS ASK ABOUT A FUCKIN PURSE ! ooommggggg I’m getting scared to tweet bro. I’m just going to tweet by bible quotes here.

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