Cardi B Says That Won’t Be Getting a Babysitter for Kulture Any Time Soon

Cardi B Babysitter

Getty Cardi B said she won't be getting a babysitter for Kulture any time soon.

Love & Hip Hop: New York legend Cardi B said that she won’t be getting a babysitter for her daughter Kulture any time soon. The “Up” rapper said that she has to balance her recording career with motherhood.

Cardi was talking to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe prior to the release of her February 2021 single “Up” when she made the remarks.

Cardi Said That Prior to the Release of ‘Up,’ She Sent Kulture to New York for 2 Weeks

Cardi told Lowe that she feels as though she can’t trust anyone enough to allow them into her and her child’s life. The solution for Cardi is “to balance it out.” The “WAP” rapper said that being in the studio was hard because she wanted to be at home with Kulture.

Cardi said that in the lead-up to the release of “Up,” while she was putting the finishing touches to the song, recording the music video while taking multiple meetings because the song “has to be perfect,” she sent her daughter to New York for two weeks. Carid said, “I was just to the point that I was just crying. I’m like, “I’ve got to get my kid.” It’s really complicated.”

In normal times, Cardi said that she would rely on her mother to perform babysitting duties but due to the Covid-19 pandemic she didn’t want her mother flying out to be with her.

Cardi Says: ‘I Don’t Want Nobody Taking My Kid Nowhere’

Prior to Kulture’s birth in July 2018, Cardi said that she believed that she would hire a babysitter for her daughter who would travel on the road with her. After the birth, Cardi said her opinion changed saying, “I don’t want to have a babysitter. I’m scared. I don’t want nobody taking my kid nowhere. I don’t want nobody touching my kid.” Cardi continued, “Like, I can’t trust people.” The rapper also said that she believes her parenting style is “old school” and that she and her husband “just don’t believe in babysitters.”

Cardi Has Been Quoted Multiple Times as Saying it Was Just Her & Her Mother Who Cared for Kulture

Cardi was quoted in 2019 by Entertainment Tonight as telling a crowd at Beauty Con that she felt like she couldn’t trust anyone enough to be her child’s nanny. Cardi said at that stage that her mother and sister helped out with childcare duties but that her mother didn’t particularly enjoy traveling between two and three cities over a 72 hour period.

In November 2019, Cardi told an Instagram follower that she would hire a nanny when she found someone “trustworthy.” Cardi also said that it was just her and her mother caring for the child and when her mother was “doing her own s***,” the “Up” rapper was on her own. While in October 2018, Cardi told W Magazine’s Art Issue, “I be feeling like, Do babies know who’s they mom? I feel like babies love whoever is giving them the milk, and I want to give the milk the whole time. I want her to know me.”

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