Cardi B Receives Backlash Over Releasing a Doll

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Getty Cardi B attends the Fashion Nova x Cardi B Collection Launch Party.

Cardi B is making another major money move. The “Up” rapper announced that she is releasing her own doll. On her Instagram page on March 5, she said has partnered with a brand called Real Women Are to release her own doll called the Cardi B Limited Edition Fashion Doll.

“I’m dropping my own doll TODAY!,” she captioned a photo of the doll. “Inspired by me. Created by me. Designed by me. Thank you @officialrealwomenare This means sooo much.”

The limited edition doll costs $35 and is available for pre-order here. Orders will not be shipped out until July according to the website.

Cardi B, born Belcalis Almanzar, explained why she decided to drop her own doll in an Instagram video.

“When this doll business got presented to me, one of the reasons I decided to do it is because I’m a girl’s mom and y’all know how crazy I go with my nieces on Christmas,” she said. “And I just be like ‘wow,’ these dolls are not like Barbies, they are way more expensive, they come with way more fashion, they come way more diverse, they come so chic and I gotta constantly spend money on these dolls because my daughter constantly wants me to buy these dolls. So it’s like, you know what? Why am I not going to get the doll business?”

During an interview on the Today show, she discussed the lack of representation in dolls that she saw as a child.

“…Growing up, I ain’t never seen a doll that looked like me, I’ve never seen a doll that really represents me,” she said. “When you go to the doll aisle when you was my age, it’s either like there’s a real white one, there’s a real dark one, and there’s like barely one that’s like in the middle. None of them have my style, none of them have my flavor, and it’s like I want a doll that represents me.”

Cardi B Deactivated Her Twitter After Backlash Over Not Releasing an Album

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After announcing that she was releasing a limited edition doll, some of Cardi B’s fans weren’t all that excited. She immediately received backlash for releasing a doll instead of her sophomore album. All of the criticism led to her deactivating her Twitter account. She then vented via Instagram Live and said that she has even been suffering from migraines from all of the stress she has been under.

“…Put a f****** shot right here and put a shot right here in the back of my neck,” she said about the treatment for her headaches. “I have so much pressure. I’m working on a lot of s*** to please people. I wanna please my fans, because y’all been asking for something from me for a very long time that I can’t say, and I’m doing it for y’all….How am I supposed to be rich? How am I supposed to build my net worth?”

Even though she hasn’t dropped an album, her singles “W.A.P” and “Up” have been smash hits. When “Up” landed in the number one spot on the Billboard 100 chart, she became the second female rapper to top the chart without any features since Lauryn Hill in 1998, Billboard reported. ‘W.A.P” broke streaming records when it was streamed 93 million times the first week it was released, the Los Angeles Times noted.

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