Love & Hip Hop Star Helps Stalking Victim Via Social Media

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Love & Hip Hop New York star Cyn Santana has offered her help to a woman who claimed to be a domestic violence victim fearing for her life seeking help via social media. The Baltimore, Maryland woman, whose name is Aziza Murphy, has been tweeting about her former boyfriend harassing her on social media, showing up to her home and threatening her life for months. She claimed that she has filed a restraining order and contacted the police about his stalking and harassment but they have not offered much help. Once Santana saw one of her tweets, she sent her a message.


In disbelief, Murphy responded saying “Wait… seriously!?”

It seemed that they ended up connecting because on November 8, 2020, Murphy tweeted that Santana was “an actual angel.”


Murphy Said She Lost Her Job Because of Yasin’s Alleged Stalking

aziza murphy twitter

TwitterAziza Murphy.

At the top of her Twitter account, Murphy has pinned a tweet that reads: “If I die, I want everyone to know it was Seti Yasin. He goes by Seti, Ramses, Destiny Wilkerson, Dashawn, or Sean. Me and him dated until a few days ago. He went through my phone and I ended the relationship. I dropped him off at the train station and he showed up at my house.”

Murphy said Yasin even harassed her at her job so she was fired and she created a GoFundMe page to accept financial help.

“I have lost my job because of this situation and it feels never ending,” she wrote.

On the GoFundMe page, she also described the stalking she said she has been enduring since their breakup.

He broke my window. Broke into my house and stole my keys. After he left he started calling non stop. He called 1,065 times with in 24 hours. He’s calling me from fake numbers. He has been contacting my ex husband’s family. Calling my exes, my dad, my job. Writing all of my friends. I think he’s logged into my stuff and is tracking my location. I am not safe and I am not okay. He has a history of violence, specifically violence against women that I was not aware of until it happened to me. I’m posting so that no other person who dates Seti in the future will be blindsided.

Murphy said she has a restraining order but that hasn’t stopped Yasin.

On the page, she added that “he has done this four other states” and that “he has a warrant for terrorist threats.” She also said she spoke to another one of Yasin’s former girlfriends who claimed to have filed four restraining orders against him.

Murphy Has Uploaded Voice Memos & Videos of Yasin Harassing Her

aziza murphy

TwitterAziza Murphy

Murphy claimed that Yasin has contacted her from over 80 different social media accounts. She has been uploading voice memos he has sent her, screenshots of the messages he has been sending her from different accounts and even a video of him pleading for her to let him in her house. In one of her tweets, she said that he called her over 1,000 times in 24 hours.

“He’s made over 80 different accounts to harass me y’all,” she tweeted on October 13. “It never stops with him unless someone stops him.”

In September, she tweeted that Yasin moved from New York to Maryland to a street nearby the job she was employed at at the time.

The same month, she tweeted a video of who she says is Yasin trying to break into her home. See below.

Murphy also tweeted the names of the accounts he has created to continuously contact her as well.

See the evidence of the harassment she said she has accused Yasin of below.

Murphy Said Police Haven’t Been Helpful

Murphy said despite her cries for help, the police haven’t offered her much assistance. She has also expressed her frustration with the police force via social media.

“I can’t wait until I’m able to tell the full story of how the police have fallen through on this situation,” she posted. “Every single turn things have fallen through the cracks.”

Murphy’s friend, singer Ari Lennox, has also blasted the police department for their lack of protection.

“I’ve seen Bowie police department, Baltimore police department and the fbi not do a damn f******* thing to help my friend,” Lennox tweeted. “I’ve seen them mock her and gaslight and be extremely disrespectful. It is always and truly f*** these useless ass cops.”

Murphy credited the “Shea Butter Baby” singer “for always being available and supportive holding me together during all of this.”

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