How DJ Envy’s Wife Found Out ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Was His Mistress

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Getty Gia Casey and DJ Envy attend the 51st NAACP Image Awards.

DJ Envy, known for hosting “The Breakfast Club” on New York’s Power 105.1, was caught cheating with a Love & Hip Hop star. His wife of almost two decades, Gia Casey, revealed how she found out Envy, born Raashaun Casey, was cheating with Erica Mena on the December 5 episode of OWN’s Behind Every Man

“In the fall of 2012, Raashaun had done a photoshoot for a magazine and I was curious to see if any of the pictures were released online yet,” she said. “I googled his name and the pictures didn’t pop up but a blog popped up. When I clicked on the blog, I saw a conversation and one of the girls said to the other girl ‘Well that’s why you’re with DJ Envy and his wife sits at home clueless.’”

DJ Envy Ended Up ‘Telling on’ Himself

When she confronted her husband about the suspected infidelity, she said he was “infuriated” that she would accuse him of cheating on the woman he “loves more than life itself.” Casey said she then said to him: “Raashaun I know that you have cheated on me.” She told him this even though she “didn’t know anything,” she said. This led to her husband admitting to his infidelity.

During an appearance on Essence Live, when asked how he got caught, Raashaun Casey said it was because of “social media and a bluff.”

“She said she knew something that I thought she knew so I wound up telling on myself,” he said.

Gia Casey said before she did that Google search, she didn’t have any suspicions that her husband was being unfaithful.

“Before I found out there were no red flags,” she said. “He treated me like a queen.”

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On Essence Live, she said the affair was a “gift and a curse.”

“I could’ve never imagined being as happy as I am now and I thought I was happy before,” she said about the aftermath of the affair.

Her husband echoed those same sentiments, saying their marriage is better than ever.

“It has made our relationship stronger,” Raashaun Casey said. “We are closer. I didn’t think we could be closer but we’re, like, on another level. We see eye to eye on everything.”

The Caseys already had two children, Madison and Logan, but after the affair, they welcomed three more: Brooklynn, London and Jaxson.

DJ Envy Apologized on the Radio for Cheating on His Wife

DJ Envy Confesses to having Affair with Erica Mena after Funk Flex Exposed him!Go to 35:54 mark Funk Flex Exposed DJ Envy on Saturday Night on the Radio that he was been having an Affair with Erica Mena. Background on the story. (Check the Links for full breakdown) Latenightcreep.com2013-02-25T20:34:00Z

In 2013, DJ Envy issued a public apology to his wife for cheating on her during a live broadcast of “The Breakfast Club.”

“I started messing with somebody that was beneath me,” he said. “A bird. Evil. A liar. Somebody that was desperate and it’s just so pathetic. I mean I didn’t have to feed this person. I didn’t have to make her feel special because she wasn’t. So that’s what it was.”

You can hear his apology above.

In an interview with VIBE Vixen, Mena confirmed that she and Raashaun Casey had an affair. She claimed that she didn’t know he was married:

DJ Envy’s definitely talking about me, but I’m one of many. I was under the assumption that he had kids but wasn’t actually married. I found out around the time that I started filming Love & Hip-Hop. After I found out, I was still in shock because we were together for so long. I didn’t understand how he could take a vow as serious as marriage and take on a whole other relationship. It’s sad that now he’s taking all these shots saying I’m a liar and I’m pathetic, when he deceived me. It’s not fair to paint me out as a liar when he was leading a double life for many years. He’s never publicly come out with his wife until now because he’s ashamed of her. It’s no secret.”

Mena is now a married woman herself. She tied the knot with fellow Love & Hip Hop star Safaree Samuels in 2019 and they now have a six-month-old daughter together, Safire.

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