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Before being casted on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop, one of their biggest stars worked for the The Kardashians. Erica Mena, who has starred on New York and Atlanta, once worked at their Dash boutique as a Dash Doll in Miami. She was even seen on Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami. According VH1, Mena “swept, vacuumed, and stocked” at their store. VH1 noted that she was hired because she and Kourtney Kardashian had a mutual friend.

At one point, Mena was almost fired for her poor conduct at work. On the fifth episode of season one, she almost lost her job because of her not being on time, using foul language and having an overall bad attitude. While Kourtney described her as bubbly, her sister Khloe begged to differ replying to her “That s*** ain’t bubbles” on episode five. Throughout out her time working there she would also talk on her cell phone while on the sales floor and was pretty rude to customers.

Erica Mena Said She is on Good Terms With the Kardashians

Erica Mena: I'm Still Good Friends With – Erica Mena opened up to VladTV about her time spent on the Kardashian reality show "Kourtney & Kim Take Miami" while working at the family's Miami Dash boutique. Erica says she knows Kourtney through the father of her son, Raul, who is really close with Kourtney's longtime boyfriend Scott Disick. The famed model…2014-10-11T15:43:29Z

During an interview with VLAD TV, admitted that she was late and she understood why it rubbed Khloe Kardashian the wrong way.

“I was late a few times and Khloe wasn’t having it,” she said. “I think Khloe took more offense to me being late and [thought] that since I was friends with Kourtney I was taking advantage of it and that wasn’t really the situation.”

Mena, who is now married and shares a child with Love & Hip Hop co-star to Safaree Samuels, said at the time she was a new mom in an abusive relationship at the time.

The Bronx, New York native said she was still friends with the Kardashians.

“We’re not only cordial, we’re still friends,” she added.

She also made it clear that she didn’t get fired. In 2014, she said she was invited to the grand opening of another Dash store in Miami and said that if she was fired she is sure she would not have been invited by the family.

Erica Mena Left Love & Hip Hop in 2015

Erica Mena actually quit Love & Hip Hop in 2015. After getting engaged to Bow Wow, she exited the show so she could start a new life with her then-future husband. She had wrote a farewell letter to the show which was published by VIBE.

Four years ago became #MenaMonday I let the world in and it’s been a crazy ride since. I’ve always been open about who I am & my relationships just because I know my story was meant to be told. I’ve made many mistakes and I get judge harshly. Thank God I’m as tough and bold as I am because the truth is many are like me. “I have fan base that now has become my family! I can’t thank you all enough for following & riding this ride. You are all appreciated. Learning from my mistakes and loving me no matter what rumors are made up.

Her engagement to Bow Wow ended and a few years later she headed back to reality television. In 2018, she returned to Love & Hip Hop but not to New York. She joined the Atlanta cast for season seven, VH1 reported.

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