Why is Keyshia Cole Retiring From Music?

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Keyshia Cole has had it with the music industry. The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star revealed via Twitter that she is retiring from music. On March 17, 2021, she simply tweeted “I’m retiring.”

Cole said on Twitter that she is retiring because she wants to devote more time to her children. She did promise fans that she will release one more album due to contractual obligations with her record label. The “Love” singer also said she will never stop performing.

Fans Are in Disbelief After Cole Announced Her Retirement

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GettyKeyshia Cole attends the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards.

After Keyshia Cole told her fans she was saying farewell to music, they sent tweets her way showing their devastation. They begged her not to and asked for more music.

“I know you’re lying!!!!,” one fan tweeted. “Keyshia it’s not your time to retire I need at least 3 more albums!!”

Another fan thought her account had been hacked and the tweet about her retirement was fake.

“At this point @KeyshiaCole Twitter has to be hacked!!! Retiring from what???,” they wrote.

One fan shared their sadness about her announcement.

“I hate to see you retire but I will forever always love your music,” one of her followers tweeted. “Until you can return again to make more albums for us that’s all I want from you Keyshia.”

More fans begged her to reconsider her decision and to take a hiatus instead.

“Please Keyshia you’re too young to retire!,” another fan said. “We love your music and I think you love music too! Please reconsider your decision.”

One user wrote: “PLEASE DO NOT RETIRE…. take a break from indeterminate time even if it costs 10 years or more…in the fans we appreciate your music. R&B needs you and we fans also then take the time you want to focus on your personal life we will be together in the future.”

Keyshia Cole’s Streams Surged After the “Verzuz” Battle With Ashanti

After Keyshia Cole and Ashanti went head-to-head in a Verzuz battle, they both saw a surge in streams on Spotify but Cole saw the most. According to Billboard, they had a combined 11.3 million streams after Verzuz, with Cole receiving 6 million streams and Ashanti getting 5.3 million.

The song that received the most was her 2006 single “Love” with 716,000 streams, which was followed by “Let It Go,” featuring Missy Elliott and Lil Kim with 525,000 streams, “I Should Have Cheated” with 431,000, “Heaven Sent” with 376,000 and “I Remember” with 366,000.

Cole was slammed by fans after the battle due to being late. She later apologized for her tardiness.

“I want to apologize for not sitting my a** in that seat. OK?,” she said during an Instagram Live with Elijah Blake. “Because I was there and I should’ve sat down. I should’ve just sat in the seat no matter if I felt like the visual wasn’t clear. They said my music wasn’t gonna be right or whatever it was. I think, more so than anything, people wanted me to sit, be present…even though they didn’t know that I was present.”

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