‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ Star Gets Their Own Show

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Saucy Santana, a rapper who you’ve seen on Love & Hip Hop Miami, may be branching off and getting his own show. According to The Jasmine Brand, a source claimed that the “Material Girl” rapper will be getting their own show on the Zeus network. Saucy Santana hasn’t confirmed or denied these claims.

Santana, born Justin Harris, is an independent artist who has a strong social media following. With one million followers on Instagram, he is always showing off his designer outfits, his late nights in the recording studio and his active nightlife in Miami, Florida.

Santana isn’t the only Love & Hip Hop star that has taken their talents to the Zeus network. Estranged married couple Princess Love and Ray J serve as executive producers for The Conversation, a show that brings reality stars who are at odds together in efforts to talk about their differences. Ray J and Love appeared on the premiere episode and fellow Love & Hip Hop Hollywood stars Masika Kalysha, Hazel E and Lyrica Anderson and husband A1 have also sat down on the show to clear the air.

Saucy Santana Was Shot in December 2019

While leaving a Miami nightclub called The Office in December 2019, Santana was shot in his arm, Local 10 reported. Santana was one of three people who were shot.

“I’m lucky, blessed to be alive,” Santana told NBC 6 in Miami. “I got shot in the top of my shoulder, you was aiming at my face or at my head, that’s an instant kill…It happened out of nowhere, so we could have been ran off the road, anything. We could have been dead. You have people that have their own motives, and everybody isn’t going to be accepting of the type of artist that I am.”

His mother, Teresa Harris, told Local 10 that she felt jealousy was a motive for the shooting.

“A lot of times in the entertainment world, you know, people envy someone that’s trying to come up to make an honest living,” she said.

Santana told Billboard that instead of addressing the shooting on the internet, he released a song titled “You Can’t Kill Me.”

“I didn’t respond to a lot of the BS I saw online,” he said. “Then I was like, ‘You know what? I’m gone just put this s*** in a song and y’all can take that and rotate it. Really, it was just a quick response song. I had flew to Atlanta, my producer sent me a beat, I wrote my track on the airplane and when I got off, I had my camera guy come to the studio. I told him to just record me going through the process of recording the song.”

On “You Can’t Kill Me” he rapped:

No weapon formed shall prosper (Thank you, Lord).
I was drunk as hell laid up at the doctor (Whew).
I’m Ghost, where Proctor?
FaceTime with Ma Dukes, sounding like a Opera.
The police?
They ain’t give a f***.
I’m blessed baby boy, man that shit wasn’t luck.
I got hit.
I don’t give a f***.
I’m still touring the world while I’m chucking my deuces up.

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