WATCH: Mariahlynn Makes Extremely Saucy Appearance in Warchyld’s New Video

Mariahlynn warchyld

Instagram/Mariahlynn Mariahlynn pictured on her Instagram page in January 2021.

Love & Hip-Hop: New York icon Mariahlynn is featured in Philadelphia rapper Warchyld’s new video for his song, “Lamborghini Dreams.”

The video for the song dropped on January 19. Warchyld’s management told Heavy that the “steamy video heats up the winter with sexy pool scenes and Mariahlynn teasing Warchyld in the hot tub.”

Mariahlynn Has Helped to Promote Warchyld’s Clothing Line in the Past

WARCHYLD LAMBORGHINI DREAMSWhen you come from the streets or the less fortunate side of life sometimes you dream! You Dream of things that you affiliate with success in your pursuit of happiness. So you grind grind grind to make those Dreams come true! In this visual Warchyld is showing the grind and the Dream. Guest starring VH1…2021-01-19T09:08:50Z

Warchyld has spent the last few years perfecting his streetwear brand in his native Philadelphia. According to his management, Warchyld is returning to music full-time in 2021 with the release of an album and a virtual tour. In December 2018, Mariahlynn thanked Warchyld on Twitter for making her a custom backpack.

Mariahlynn also made a personal appearance at Warchyld’s store along South Street in Philadelphia in 2018. Warchyld has referred to Mariahlynn as being “super dope” in the past.

Mariahlynn Collaborated With Warchyld Previously on the Track ‘Boat Party’

Mariahlynn made an equally saucy appearance in Warchyld’s September 2020 video for his song “Boat Party.” While in 2019, Mariahlynn was pictured a birthday pool party for Warchyld.

On the Day of the Release of ‘Lamborghini Dreams,’ Mariahlynn Was Also Celebrating DJ Self’s Birthday

The day after the video for “Lamborghini Dreams” dropped, Mariahlynn went on Instagram to pay tribute to fellow Love & Hip-Hop: New York star DJ Self on his birthday. Mariahlynn wrote:

I could say a whole lot about you and not one thing would be bad. You took me from such a dark place and gave me the best gift anyone could ever had given me, which is a voice and a way to provide for myself and my family.

I know I work your nerves sometimes 😂 but I love you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. P.s you know you stuck with me FOREVA.❤️

Mariahlynn Was Last in the News When She Dragged Up Her Old Beef With Azaelia Banks

Azealia Banks mariahlynn video

GettyRapper Azealia Banks performs during the 2014 LA Gay Pride Festival on June 7, 2014 in West Hollywood, California.

Mariahlynn made news earlier in January 2020 when she brought up her old feud with fellow rapper Azaelia Banks. Mariahlynn said, “If hate were a person it would be Azaelia Banks.” Mariahlynn made the comments after Banks uploaded a series of videos showing her digging up the bones of her late cat, Lucifer, and boiling them before building a shrine to the late feline. Mariahlynn also said Banks’ actions were the “work of the devil.” Banks said that she was performing the action as a means to honor Lucifer, her cat.

Mariahlynn then brought up the pair’s previous beefs which she says led to Banks being banned from Twitter. At the time of writing, Banks’ Twitter account remains deactivated. The Source quoted Banks as saying of Mariahlynn as being “mentally retarded” with a “white trash rat nose.”

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