Reality Star Insinuates Fetty Wap Didn’t Buy Christmas Gifts For Their Child

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Getty Fetty Wap attends the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards.

Fetty Wap has seven children and two of the women that he shares children with hinted that he didn’t buy their children any gifts for Christmas. The mother of two of his children, Lezhae Zeona, posted a meme on social media insinuating that the “Trap Queen” rapper didn’t buy any Christmas gifts for their children this year. The meme read:

“IDK who’s “Baby Daddy” needs to hear this, but your kids straight for the holidays…Their mother did it without you.”

Under the meme she wrote:

“Shoutout to all the mommies who make it happen on and off holidays with or without the “father.” You are appreciated woman.”

Former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Masika Kalysha echoed those sentiments when she reposted Zeona’s post. Kalysha has a four-year-old daughter with Fetty Wap, Khari Barbie.

Another Woman Fetty Wap Has a Child With Accused Him of Being Absent & Not Paying Child Support

This isn’t the first time Fetty Wap, born Willie Maxwell, has been accused of being an absentee father. A woman whose name on Instagram is “TurquoiseATL” also claimed he isn’t present in their daughter’s life. In November, she posted a flyer promoting his upcoming appearances in different cities in Texas on Instagram and said that she should go to his appearance so they can discuss matters involving their child.


When she began being criticized over her post, she responded via her Instagram story saying:

Y’all crabbin cause I said what I said ion give a f***. Trust me nobody want him or even give a f*** he not around. There are just times I’m invited to places I really want to go and when I think of the fact that I have nobody to watch her and I can’t even call this n**** to watch his kid so I can go have a life it pisses me tf off every time I gotta say no so today I got fed up trust me I’m back to not givin a f***. “I ain’t had a real break in 4 years and y’all mad at me cause I want a n**** to get his child for one weekend in her almost 4 years of life well excuseeee the f*** outta me.

Fetty Wap never responded to these claims.

Fetty Wap Doesn’t Have a Child With Alexis Skyy

After Alexis Skyy became a cast member of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, she became pregnant and claimed that Fetty Wap, who was her ex-boyfriend, was the father of her child. This was believed until  December 2020 when an entrepreneur named Brandon Medford left a comment under a photo of Skyy and her daughter that read “Daddy’s Girl,” which was highlighted by The Shade Room. Lezhae Zeona then confirmed via social media that Fetty Wap was not the father of Skyy’s daughter.

Been knew my kids’ father wasn’t her baby’s father but purposely went along with that BS story just to make my pregnancy more emotionally trying (Mind you we were pregnant at the same time)…While I was carrying this man’s real child you traumatized my entire pregnancy experience and Wap went along with it not even caring how it would make me (and ultimately our child Zy growing inside of me) feel. Evil people I tell you…But while the devil works the Lord works harder and I am blessed and highly favored

Masika Kalysha also chimed in once this shocker was revealed and pointed out that she mentioned Medford two years ago while arguing with Skyy on Twitter.

In the comment she was referring to, she wrote:

DON’T SPEAK ON MY CHILD WHEN U HAVE TO USE FACETIME TO SPEAK TO UR CHILD! U getting that #60 confused with the 60 n***** you need to swab to find the pappy. Now go swab Brandon the car dealer & Pope the married n*****. Don’t act bad twitter fingers when u been runnin in real life 4 years.

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