Mavado’s Teenage Son Found Guilty of Murder After Attempting to Sever Man’s Head, Prosecutors Say

mavado son dante brooks

Getty Mavado's teenage son has been found guilty of murder.

Mavado’s son, Dante Brooks, has been found guilty of the murder of Lorenzo Thomas in St. Andrew in June 2018.

In 2013, Mavado collaborated with Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Spice on the track “Cheat on Me.”

According to Loop Jamaica, Brooks, 18, and another man, Andre Hinds, were found guilty of murder, illegal possession of a firearm and arson, in Kingston on January 27. The pair were accused, along with other men, of entering Thomas’s home and attempting to sever the man’s head. When their machete was too dull, the group doused Thomas’s body in gasoline and set him on fire, prosecutors said. The duo was identified by Thomas’s father, the Loop Jamaica report says.

Brooks Apparently Told His Partners in Crime that Thomas’s Father Was Not to Be Killed

Thomas was 24 years old. At the time of the killing, Thomas, who worked as a laborer was 24 years old. The Jamaica Observer report on the shooting says that Thomas’s body was “burned beyond recognition.” According to the Observer, during the killing, Hinds asked Brooks if Thomas’s father was also to be killed, Brooks replied, “No.” The Observer also reported that Brooks and Hinds offered an alibi as their defense which was rejected by the judge.

Jamaica Gleaner reports that Brooks and Hinds will be sentenced on March 10.

Prior to the June 2018 incident, Mavado had been shot at in the Cassava Piece community in Kingston. At the time, a source told Loop Jamaica, “Mavado’s son was in a dispute with another man from Cassava Piece, and Mavado go down deh and a defend it, and box the man.” The same source said that Mavado had been told to leave the area prior to the shooting but he refused. Mavado was unhurt in the shooting. Loop Jamaica later reported that a friend of Mavado’s, known as Gaza Man, was shot-and-killed in the same area on the same day.

Mavado Never Wanted Spice to Be on Their Collaboration ‘Cheat on Me’

Mavado ft. Spice – Cheat On Me (Clean – Single)Mavado ft. Spice – Cheat On Me Produced by: Bankylous Productions Connect with Spice:

Following Spice’s collaboration with Mavado, he claimed that the song “Cheat on Me” was originally meant to feature him and his protege, Shakone. Mavado told Urban Islandz, “No disrespect to Spice whatso-ever. Me and Spice have been cool for years and she’s a great artiste, but the record was never intended for her to be on it.”

In response, Spice told the Jamaica Star:

I just came back from my European tour and I’m mad at the producers for making me do a collab with Mavado without his knowledge. Now that I’m back, I am hearing all sorts of stories, and I just want it to be known that I was not aware of any other artiste or artistes who were supposed to be on the track except Mavado. I was hired to fill in a blank track with Mavado’s voice only, and I wrote my own lyrics and filled in the missing parts.

I am now hearing that Mavado is trying to sabotage the track and that he didn’t want to collab with me because I did a collab with Kartel. That is so petty. All of this negative energy is unnecessary to me right now, because I literally just landed and I have a lot of track deadlines to meet for other people before I leave the island again.

I don’t want Mavado to think for one minute that I hijacked the song, because that isn’t the case. This is an issue he should be discussing with the relevant production parties and should have handled the situation differently. And even though he’s in the streets and online saying things, I’m going to be diplomatic and I’m still gonna support his music and I wish him all the best.

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