‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Admits to Verbal Abuse in Relationship

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A disturbing clip of Brandi Boyd and Marcus “Max Lux” Boyd, who you’ve seen on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, went viral after Brandi Boyd went on Instagram Live during a hostile argument between the two of them. Since the clip of their domestic dispute circulated around the internet, Marcus Boyd came forward and addressed what happened.

In a video on his Instagram account, he admitted that he and his wife are verbally abusive towards each other.

“Verbal abuse has been on both sides of my relationship and it is wrong,” he said. “But I do not beat my wife. I do not beat my children. My children are all healthy and happy and spoiled because I don’t even discipline my children.”

There were concerns that there was physical abuse in their marriage because in the clip Brandi Boyd can be heard saying: “Last time y’all see him beat on me. You won’t have to see this ever again. I promise you that. Never again will you see your mom get beat on.”

Marcus Boyd continued to deny that he physically abused his wife during their relationship.

“The lies need to stop,” he added. “Call it what it is. I was wrong for getting loud. Yes, I understand that but I don’t beat anybody. So, please I just ask that you give my family their space that we can reconcile our own problems within our family.”

Brandi Boyd Also Denied Being Physically Abused

Brandi Boyd uploaded a video to the Instagram account denying that any physical abuse took place the night of the dispute with her husband. In the video, she said she didn’t have any marks on her body and showed her arms, legs and neck to show that she didn’t have any bruises.

I just want to take this time to thank everyone for your positive prayers and good energy. I’ve been praying and meditating and trying to get a hold on everything inside. I have no bruises, no marks on my neck, on my body. I’m okay…Nobody needs to ever be physical. And a lot of what was heard was only portions. There was more layers to things that was not on Live. I just want to say, at some point I have to realize that people are not being honest when they play the victim and there’s way more to the story and that’s left out.”

She had also claimed that she was the one that put her hands on her husband when she posted a statement after the incident.

“I am fine he didn’t touch me I was choking him and fighting him all he did was verbal abuse me back I am sorry for going live,” the post said. “I did that to force us to take space knowing he wouldn’t want to argue on Live. Please pray for my family the devil is attacking so strong.”

The Boyds have two children together, a son named Brandus and a daughter named Cadence.

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