Reality Star Still Gets Paid For Singing ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Anthem

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Love & Hip Hop star Moniece Slaughter is the voice behind America’s Next Top Model‘s theme song. She recently said in an interview that her father did the arrangement, writing and production of the song along with his partner while Slaughter laid the vocals.

“My dad wrote it and there were three versions,” she told The Jasmine Brand. “He and his production partner produced it and I just sang it.”

Slaughter said that her father gave her that opportunity after she graduated high school and it was her introduction to the music business. She said that even though the show isn’t producing any new episodes, she still receives royalty checks for singing the show’s anthem.

“That was my first lesson in musical longevity,” she said. “My dad gave me that gig when I was fresh out of high school. I get paid quarterly from that. I’m 33 now. She’s nationally syndicated all through the states and then she’s internationally syndicated. Last time I checked it was like five different countries or continents so I’m sure it might be more now. The amount every quarter is getting bigger.”

She said the checks, which she described as “throw away money” come in increments every quarter of amounts like $1,200, $1,700 and $980 at a time and add up to almost $10,000 a year.

America’s Next Top Model premiered in 2003 on UPN, which later became the CW Network. The show lasted for 24 seasons and after 2015 it aired on VH1. There are also international spinoffs of the show in countries like Greece, Britain, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Canada according to Slate.

See the portion of the interview below.

Slaughter Has Become Discouraged Regarding Pursuing Her Music Career

In a now-deleted social media post from October, Slaughter uploaded a post saying that she was considering quitting the music industry due to her career not being successful. In her post, she said if her next album didn’t become a hit, she was exiting the music industry.

“Quite frankly I’m tired,” she captioned a photo of her statement on Instagram. “If this album don’t do it. I quit lol. I’m not gon’ bankrupt myself for it. The worst feeling to me is knowing how hard I’ve worked. How little help I’ve received. How reality tv has completely discredited my musical ability. Knowing that somebody had to help everybody that’s on top now. I don’t want a hand out. But I need a hand up.”

In her statement, she also asked for help from acts like Saweetie, Da Baby and Steff London and said that this was her “last ditch effort” at her career because “can’t keep spending money on such amazing music that continues to fall on deaf ears.”

“I got a few fire a** records on this album and I need a heavy co-sign,” she wrote. “There are a few of you out there that I really admire and study and I am calling on you for your help.”

Slaughter released her first album, The Naked Truth, in November 17, 2018. Her debut album hit no. 49 on the Billboard 200 chart, which she celebrated on Instagram.

“Thank you for helping me make a grand entrance into the music world,” she wrote. “Every stream. Every purchase. Every post. I’m so grateful. I love you guys. Every tear. Every sweat bead. Every dollar. They counted me out. They said I couldn’t do it. They said I wouldn’t. And because of you guys. I did. You’re the best!!!!!”

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