How Much Will Natalie Nunn & Tommie Lee be Paid for Their Boxing Match?

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Getty Natalie Nunn (L), Tommie Lee(R)

Two infamous reality stars have agreed to participate in a celebrity boxing match. Natalie Nunn of the Bad Girls Club and Tommie Lee of Love & Hip Hop fame will be squaring up against each other in the boxing ring sometime this year. Lee announced that they would be going round-for-round in the comments of the Verzuz battle between Keyshia Cole and Ashanti. When Lee made the announcement, Nunn didn’t know about the boxing match.

During an interview with The Jasmine Brand, the interviewer pointed out that people were confused as to why Nunn hadn’t said anything about the boxing match.

“I didn’t know what was going on,” she said.

During their chat, Nunn said that offers had began coming in about a celebrity boxing match but she hadn’t spoken to anyone about it and hadn’t agreed to do it yet due to being busy working.  She saw that it was confirmed once Tommie promoted it in the comments of the Verzuz battle and said it was happening on March 6.  Nunn initially thought that Tommie had saw that she had been boxing lately and wanted to go against her in the ring.

“I do have a trainer,” Nunn said about her boxing workouts. “A world class trainer that I just do the workout [with] three to four times a week.”

Once Nunn became aware of the offers on the table from the Zeus networks and other networks, she sent a message to Tommie via her Instagram story.

“Y’all, I’m not really sure what Tommie was trying to imply during the Verzuz battle, but if sis want that fight night, Zeus just called and said it’s greenlit,” she said according to Atlanta Black Star. “Sis, they got that bag, so if you want that smoke let’s go.”

While Nunn mentioned a deal with Zeus, Tommie said on her Instagram story that she had already signed a contract with another entity.

“I was reached out to today by Chanta, I don’t know anything about Zeus, but I was reached out to by Chanta and some other people. I accept the challenge. I’m down for the boxing match pay per view. Zeus can reach out to me; however, it’s going to be done. My contract was signed with the other people, yall have to get that worked out. But I’m down, let’s do it, girl!”

Natalie Nunn Said she & Tommie Lee Received a Six-Figure Offer for the Celebrity Boxing Match

Nunn said that once she enters the ring, she will be focused on coming out victorious.

“Somebody is going to get knocked the f***** out and it ain’t gon be Natalie Nunn,” she laughed.

Nunn said she is a natural competitor and due to her athletic background, she is taking this fight seriously. She added that she and Lee were offered six figures to participate, which makes it even less of a laughing matter.

“There’s a six-figure deal for her and there’s a six-figure deal for me,” she said. “I am an athlete. I am a competitor. I am a USC graduate. I played soccer, I ran track. This is not a game. If you want to get in the ring and fight with me…This is not Love & Hip Hop. This is not Bad Girls Club. This is going to be a boxing match.”

Nunn also clarified that she and Lee have never met, so the suggestion that they should engage in this boxing match was random.

“I never even met the girl before. We don’t know each other.”

On her Instagram story, Lee echoed those sentiments and said that she and Nunn are engaging in the boxing match for “the love of the sport.”

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