‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Slams Ari Fletcher On Social Media

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Instagram Ari Fletcher

Rah Ali, who formerly starred on Love & Hip Hop, threw a few jabs at Instagram model Ari Fletcher on social media. Ali took to Twitter after she said Fletcher posted her photo in her Instagram story and proceeded to bash her in a series of tweets.

“I hate a b**** that throws rocks and hides her hands,” she tweeted. “The QUEEN of filters and Facetune messaged my friend talking shit when she posted my photo in her story today. Anyone who ever thinks she’s above anything is highly mistaken. She’s a dog, a soft one though. A puppy! A chihuahua.”

She also commented on Fletcher’s falling out with her now former makeup stylist Olivia Song.

“Now she‘s online cursing out the same lady she was just posing and smiling with last week. People have disagreements all the time, but with this hoe everything has to be for the gram. She’s never gonna learn until her teeth are stomped out of her mouth and she has to fly back to Colombia for a new set. Fake bully! I wouldn’t give AF if 99,000 MF’s said “Obsessed” I ammmmm!!! And I want you to know it. Behind the scenes goofy a** hoe.”

Ali Accused Fletcher of Cheating on Her Boyfriend, Rapper Moneybagg Yo

Ali and Fletcher became enemies back in October after a tweet from Fletcher was reposted on the Instagram page of a blog that is owned by Ali. Fletcher’s tweet read: “I’m a really sweet girl with good intentions I just end up in bad situations sometimes and it force me to get out of character to protect myself from getting f***** over.”

The tweet was reposted on the “It’s Onsite” page with the caption, “Ari is tired of being misunderstood. #Clique, can y’all relate?” Fletcher replied in the comments saying: “No I’m not. Wtf you talking about?”

Fletcher also threatened Ali, who was pregnant at the time, in the comments of the post.


Ali then promised to address Fletcher’s comments on her “It’s Onsite” podcast. In a post on Onsite’s Instagram, Fletcher was accused of sending Ali a direct message saying that “yo baby daddy gonna be mad tonight,” however the man she was “referring to was NOT Rah’s actual husband, it was her ex that Ari is currently, and has been sleeping with for 10 months now,” read the post. Fletcher has been dating rapper Moneybagg Yo.

The post also read:

Having all the facts laid out, I’m gonna let you in on this. For the past several months, for about nine to ten months, Ari has been f****** my ex. Ari may get on social media and portray the image that she is so happy and in love in her relationship, but it’s all an act. She’s laughing, she’s doing everything in between with this n****. Any second that she has free, that she’s not in Bagg’s face begging for attention from him, she’s getting it from this n*****. And that is where the passion and the hate came [from].

The ladies have continued feuding ever since.

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