Why This ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Couple Is Celibate

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Love & Hip Hop stars Sierra Gates and BK Brasco recently announced that they are engaged. This will be Brasco’s first road down the aisle and Gates’ second. Brasco, real name Romel Cummings, proposed to Gates at the grand opening of his men’s flagship store, Band of Brothers, on December 5, 2020 according to their Instagram posts.

The newly engaged couple recently did an interview with MadameNoire and spoke about their relationship and their future. Gates said that one of the things that led to their bond being significantly stronger was their decision to practice celibacy. Gates said:

We love each other like love. A different type of love. We even took sex out of the equation for a whole year. Romel came to me and told me that God had challenged him to stop touching me because God wanted to bless him. He was like, God told him that He wasn’t going to bless him until he completely stopped touching me because I was a special child of His. When he told me that I was like, “Boy, you just wanna cheat! Do what you wanna do!” And he was like, “I really need to do this for my own mental. I really need to line myself up and I really need to be a better man for you.” Honestly, I promise y’all, once we took that sex out of the equation, we found a deeper love for each other. Inseparable. We can lay next to each other. Most people like to be physical with each other. We can lay next to each other and just don’t touch and be laughing, having a good time looking at movies, arguing, laughing again, cooking. Spending time with each other. So when you revert back to what people might say, we got all of this real life happening. We don’t even care.

Gates said Brasco was successful in not spoiling the surprise proposal because she had no clue he would pop the question the night of his grand opening.

No! Cause you know, I actually felt bad because I didn’t really play a part in putting the store together. From when I first seen it I was like uh uh, this store is kind of beat up. It’s going to take too much. So when I came in about a month ago and seen how well it looked from where it started, I felt so bad that I didn’t play a part in it. So I was like, let me plan the grand opening! So I hired the grand opening people, connected them with Romel’s assistant, and they tricked me!

Gates & Brasco Aren’t on the Same Page Regarding Having Children

Gates and Brasco both have children from previous relationships. While discussing if they would like to have children together, their responses were a bit different. Brasco sounded excited to welcome a child with Gates in the future.

“Of course,” he said about having children. “I really want to have a kid in the house and be married. I never really got to see with my kids, a woman have the baby grow in her stomach or be the one to say, “What do you need?” The weird cravings. I know I’m gonna argue with her like, “Sierra you don’t need that!” But I want to be around for that. I want to see her stomach grow, and see from day one to when she pushes the baby out.

Gates made it clear that she isn’t ready to have another child.

“I don’t want to,” she said. “We’ll have a baby, it’s gonna be a minute though. I’m not ready for it. When that other side of my Gemini clicks, I do want to feel that, but I’m in Money Monster mode. Uh uh. Not right now.”

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