This ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Worked Her Way Up From Homelessness

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A Love & Hip Hop star was once homeless before she became a reality star. Sierra Gates, who’ve you’ve seen on Love & Hip Hop: Atlantawas homeless during her teenage years. In an interview with Page Six, the 31-year-old said once she became pregnant at the age of 15, her mother kicked her out of their home.

“My mother was a great mom,” she said. “I was very spoiled, [but] she was real strict. When I got into high school, the first boy I saw I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’m in love,’ and ended up getting pregnant. She was not going for it; she put me completely out and I was homeless, so I had to figure it out.”

Gates said she was living in cars when she wasn’t staying with her cousins, grandfather and friends. When she was 17-years-old she started working at a strip club named Foxy Lady, but never hit the stage as a dancer. She said working there inspired her to become an entrepreneur.

“The manager of the club wanted me to be a dancer, but I had other plans,” she said about the gig, which paid her $400 to $500 a day. “Seeing women doing drugs [and struggling with] depression and prostitution, I knew I had to be my own boss.”

Gates Now Has a Net Worth of $1 Million

After leaving Foxy Lady, she began working as a makeup artist at a kiosk in a mall. Even though she didn’t have any experience, she made a good first impression and was hired the same day. Fast forward to 2020 and she is now the boss of her own beauty empire and worth $1 million. Besides owning her own salon, The Glam Shop in Atlanta, Georgia, she also hosts webinars and seminars where she helps students hone their beauty skills.

“I am a strong believer in women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship,” Gates said. “I made $50,000 in one week by conducting classes and showing students my beauty techniques. I charge $2,000 per student. Recently in Atlanta, I made $100,000 with 76 students that registered.”

Her webinars focus on how to be your own boss and how to make $30,000 in 30 days. She also provides a Master Vendor List which lists 21 wholesale vendors that sell over 25 wholesale products like clothes, hair, nail supplies, cosmetic products, fitness gear, candles and more.  She also teaches The Glam Class where she shows students how to do lash extensions, microblading and ombre powder brows. Gates also released an e-book called Make A Million, Maintain A Million which is described as a success guide” that includes “30 Keys to making a million and maintaining a million,” according to her website.

Gates said as a businesswoman, she is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and opportunities with other women.

“This thing is deeper than me,” she added. “You think God put me here on this platform to reap the benefits and not help anyone? We are on this platform so we can uplift other people, especially women.”

In a recent Instagram post, Gates said she was still able to maintain a lucrative business despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I Made Over A Millie In A Pandemic,” she captioned her post. “I #SAVED A Millie In The Pandemic. 2021 shall reveal The Real. 2020 Set Us Up For The Future You Either Invested your #Money or Messed It up!”

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