Fans Think This ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star’s Relationship Is Fake

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A reality star has revealed her new boyfriend to the world via Instagram and fans don’t believe her relationship is real. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Spice became Instagram official with her new boyfriend, Justin Budd, when she posted a happy birthday message to him.

“Help me wish mi nice clean man Happy birthdayyyyy @jbudd today belongs to you baby,” she wrote under a picture of them two together. “I’m glad we started this journey, because you easily bring out the better version of me. Thank you for being such a great father figure to my kids and a Awesome lover to me.”

After that post, she began posting pictures of them together vacationing in Los Cabos, Mexico. Once she saw that followers were calling her relationship fake, she addressed the naysayers in a social media post.

“This personal little video is for the people in the back who thinks all this is just a stunt for music video,” she captioned an Instagram video with laughing emojis. “Watch to the end the kiss is just for you. This real ova yah so. Watch kiss up mi ago sleep now bye  FYI Grace is on Vacation and Spice will be back.”

Who Is Justin Budd?

According to his LinkedIn, Budd is a camera operator, editor and media manager with Sunseeker Media in Atlanta, Georgia. In his Instagram bio, he listed that he is an executive producer and director of photography for his own company called J Budd Media, Inc.

On the company’s Vimeo page, J Budd Media is described as:

…a dynamic full-service Media Production Company committed to providing a quality product. From conception and script writing to shooting and editing, our team offers a full range of services in both standard definition and high definition formats. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, and with a foundation of over 10 years of experience in the industry, JBUDD MEDIA provides services locally, nationally, and internationally.

According to an Instagram post, he was also a director of photography for Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Through his company, he has also worked with Complex, BET, TV One and Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud. He revealed in a recent post that he produced a new show for Steve Harvey titled Steve on Watch.

Spice Recently Slammed the Father of Her Children After Claiming He Isn’t Present in Their Lives

During a trip to Jamaica in October, Spice blasted the father of her two children and accused him not being financially available for them. In her Instagram stories, she posted a video of her buying school supplies along with a check for their private school tuition and claimed he doesn’t contribute financially regarding their needs.

“I don’t hear from the father but you see him pan IG a chat s**” Spice wrote. “Nicholas how me no hear U now? Toy A soon 10 You nah try pay even 10% of one of these?…Nicholas Lall, school book a buy weh yuh de? Or yuh a wait until school bills over fi come pan IG come post mi pickney dem and chat off yuh stinkin mouth? Nicholas Lall, yuh nah try buy even one exercise book youth? Not even one year?”

Lall responded in a now-deleted post. In his lengthy response he said:

You like the attention that you get from your f******dumb a** follower when you call my name when ever you not getting the attention you need on social media you call my f****** name to stay relevant leave my f****** name out your mouth witch you don’t think you done enough damage to me already you stole ten years of my life b**** let me live now why I’m I so f**king important.

See photos of their posts here.

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