Deadbeat Dad Claims Have This ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star’s Ex Sounding Off

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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Spice blasted the father of her two children on social media for not being present in their lives.

The “Inches” singer recently visited her home country of Jamaica and documented the start of her trip via social media. On her Instagram story, she posted a picture of her paying the tuition for her daughter to attend a prestigious Jamaican school and buy her children, Nicholas Jr. and Nicholatoy, school supplies, Urban Islandz noted. In these posts, she called out her former fiancee Nicholas Lall for not covering the financial responsibilities for their children.

“I don’t hear from the father but you see him pan IG a chat s**” Spice said. “Nicholas how me no hear U now? Toy A soon 10 You nah try pay even 10% of one of these?”

On a series of photos of her paying for books for their children, Spice also wrote:

“Nicholas Lall, school book a buy weh yuh de? Or yuh a wait until school bills over fi come pan IG come post mi pickney dem and chat off yuh stinkin mouth? Nicholas Lall, yuh nah try buy even one exercise book youth? Not even one year?”

Nicholas Lall Responded in an Expletive-Filled Rant

In a now-deleted post, Lall responded to Spice’s claims that he hasn’t made an effort to be in his children’s lives. In his lengthy post, he accused Spice of blocking him on “all medium” which prevented him from contacting her regarding their children. He

“You like the attention that you get from your f******dumb a** follower when you call my name when ever you not getting the attention you need on social media you call my f****** name to stay relevant leave my f****** name out your mouth witch you don’t think you done enough damage to me already you stole ten years of my life b**** let me live now why I’m I so f**king important.

Lall also claimed that he had her information for Zelle, the component of banking apps that makes money transfer instant, but because he was blocked he couldn’t transfer any funds for their children. He also threatened legal action against Spice.

“Germs send me your Zelle info further more I ask you if the kids are going to be here in America or Jamaica for school so I could send you money before you block me dog s***, I know you trying to stay relevant but this is not the way find song stop spread rumors, I WISH COULD UN F***YOU, if you continue to call my name you’ll hear from my LAWYER.”

See his post below.

spice, nicholas lall

InstagramA statement from Nicholas Lall which has been deleted.

Lall Issued an Apology to  His Children, Not Spice

After he slammed Spice on Instagram, Lall apologized to his two children for his actions on social media. In his post, he said he isn’t sorry for what he said, only that his children saw his post.

“First I want to apologise to all my children I have disappoint you all I’m sorry for my behavior on social media I’m sorry,” he said according to Urban Islandz. “I don’t want [any] of you to ever experience what I am going through it’s hard to have the world bashing you and continue to bash you and you roll over and play dead. I’m not sorry for what I said I’m sorry that you guys have to go through this by seeing what I post I’m sorry I love you all with all my [heart].”

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