‘Love & Hip Hop’ Vet Spotted On a Date With ‘Jersey Shore’ Star

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ALove & Hip Hop star was seen on a date with fellow reality star Vinny Guadagnino from MTV’s Jersey Shore. According to the Daily MailLove & Hip Hop: Hollywoood‘s Nikki “Miss Nikki Baby” Mudarris was spotted on a date with Guadagnino at Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills, California on November 22, 2020. They were both decked out in all black and their faces were covered in masks but the papparazzi still spotted them.

It makes sense that these two crossed paths because Guadagnino now calls the west coast home. The Staten Island, New York native recently bought a $3.5 million three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom house in Hollywood Hills, California. He wrote on Instagram that it was a gift to himself for his 33rd birthday.

“I’ve never gotten myself a birthday gift…So for my Jesus year, I’m blessed and thankful to have closed on another home,” he wrote on November 11, 2020. “I’m officially bicoastal Vinny…To new beginnings, following dreams, and chasing goals…Your second life begins when you realize you only have one… happy bday me.”

Nikki Mudarris Dated Music Producer Mally Mall Previously

During the first season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Mudarris was dating music producer Mally Mall, whom was being unfaithful and also dating Maksika Kalysha. This led to Kalysha and Mudarris becoming arch enemies but they were later able to bury the hatchet. Mudarris continued to be on and off with Mall but things turned ugly in the summer of 2015 when Mall’s neighbors called the police when they heard a lot of chaos at Mall’s home. According to TMZ, she destroyed $30,000 worth of china and vandalized his home after he broke her custom iPhone. He didn’t press charges against her but she was escorted off the premises by police.

Things then spilled over to social media when they traded insults via Twitter. In now deleted tweets, Mall wasn’t hostile at first when he posted about the incident. 

“S*** happens … #MNB is human we all make mistakes,” he wrote according to VH1. “No need 2 hold grudges or have vindictive intentions.. the End!”

In Mudarris’ tweets, she threw jabs at Mall and claimed that she bought the china.

“30K in fine china, in your 5’4 condo… Chile how would you know the value of the s*** I bought,” she wrote. “Nikki’s fine china.”

Once he saw her tweets, things turned volatile. He wrote:

They continued to go back and forth and Mall tweeted that his “girlfriend days are over I’m rolling a few deep 24-7!! and that he predicted that he and Mudarris wouldn’t last.

“Can regret something when u already predicted the outcome,” he added.

Mudarris also briefly dated her co-star Fizz, of B2K fame, who also has a child with co-star Moniece Slaughter.

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