VIDEO: Ray J’s Manager Fights 2 Men, Leaving 1 Bloody

wack 100 fight

Screenshot Wack 100 fighting two men at Primo Burgers.

Ray J’s manager got into a fight with two men outside a restaurant in California over the weekend. Wack 100 is seen in a video squaring up with two white men on December 19, 2020, at Primo Burgers in Lancaster. TMZ reported that the fight started because the men called Wack 100 a racial slur after he asked them to stop “burning rubber” in the parking lot. The men replied, “Mind your f******* business [epithet],” according to TMZ.

In the video, Wack 100 knocks one of the men to his knees and continues to try and hit the other man, who dodges Wack’s swings. The man who was knocked to the ground then rises to his feet with the side of his face bloodied. According to TMZ, there was no police involvement.

See the video below.

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Wack 100 Slammed Instagram for Removing the Video of the Altercation

Wack 100 posted the video, which went viral, on his Instagram page but it was taken down for violating Instagram’s community guidelines on bullying and harassment. He then criticized the social media platform for taking down his post.

“So I get attacked and I get bullied & harassed – @instagram when a black man is being killed or choked out it stays but when a black man is being attacked and wins it’s against your rules,” he wrote. “Black on Black post stays guess that’s cool right.”

Wack 100 Has Been Criticized Over His Unpopular Opinions

Whether it is during an interview or in a social media post, Wack 100 is always outspoken about his opinions, whether popular or not. Before the election, he said he would rather vote for Donald Trump than Joe Biden, which led to backlash.

“F*** BIDEN – SWIPE LEFT – He Playing The Game – at least We Know What We’re Going To Get Out Of Crazy Ass Trump,” he captioned a post where he shared a 1977 newspaper article about Biden saying that if schools were integrated they would be a “racial jungle.”

He was also bashed after he said the late rapper Nipsey Hussle wasn’t a legend during an interview on the No Jumper podcast. When talking to TMZ outside of The Game’s 40th birthday party last year he stuck to what he said about the “Victory Lap” rapper.

“What’s a legend? Define a legend. Let’s keep it real. If Dr. Dre died right now, we’d say we lost a legend, right? Based upon what? Numbers, right? Body of work, right? How many albums did Nipsey drop? One album, right? This not no personal s***. This is real s***. The man died with a million followers. No radio hits. No platinum hits. No world tours. After he died, he went platinum, sold a bunch of records, followers went up nine, 10 million. First of all, we gotta define what a f****** legend is and what it f****** ain’t. Was he on his way? I think within time, yes he would have been. At the time of his demise … let’s keep it real. The truth can’t be defined as disrespect. If it is, that means you lyin’ to you muthaf******* self.”

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