Nick Lachey on the ‘Love is Blind’ Season 2 Finale

Nick and Vanessa Lachey

Getty Nick Lachey with his wife and 'Love is Blind' co-host, Vanessa Lachey.

Season 2 of the Netflix reality series “Love is Blind” premiered on February 11.

We returned to the pods but this time, there was a whole new group of single men and women, hoping to find the one without ever laying eyes on them. Six couples got engaged in the pods and headed off for a romantic getaway in Mexico — Shayne and Natalie, Deepti and Abhishek (“Shake”), Shaina and Kyle, Danielle and Nick, Mallory and Salvador, and Iyanna and Jarrette.

Natalie decided that her and Kyle’s differing religious beliefs were too big of an obstacle to overcome and she left Mexico without him. She later returned his mother’s engagement ring and called off the engagement.

But the other five engaged couples are about to walk down the aisle where they will either say “I Do” to someone they’ve known for a few weeks, or walk away from them in front of all their family and friends (not to mention a bunch of cameras).

The season finale of “Love is Blind” will drop on February 25. Heavy had a chance to catch up with the “Love is Blind” host Nick Lachey about what to expect from the finale and why the concept of the show really resonated with him and his wife and co-host, Vanessa Lachey.

Nick Hinted About the Season 2 Finale

Although Nick didn’t want to spoil the finale for the fans, he did say, “I think if you enjoyed the finale of season one, you will absolutely enjoy the finale of season two.” This seems to suggest that some couples will go through with their nuptials while others will call it off.

In season one, Matt Barnett & Amber Pike and Lauren Speed & Cameron Hamilton both got married and are still together today. The other season one couples (who could forget Jessica and Mark?) didn’t make it.

Nick added that all the season 2 couples had to decide whether their relationship was strong enough to handle all the “noise” that life outside the pods threw at them. As it turns out, some of them were not. “I think you see all kinds of storylines play out (in the finale),” he said.

Nick Revealed Why ‘Love is Blind’ Resonated With Him & Vanessa

Nick has been married to his wife Vanessa Lachey since 2011. They have three children together, 9-year-old Camden, 7-year-old Brooklyn, and 5-year-old Phoenix. Vanessa is Nick’s co-host on “Love is Blind.”

Nick told Heavy that he and Vanessa were pitching another dating show when Netflix told them about “Love Is Blind.” Nick says both he and his wife were “hooked” by the idea. “It resonated with us a little bit because early in our relationship…she was in New York, I was in L.A., we spent a lot of time on the phone, just like long conservations till like you know, your ear hurt,” he said. “I think that’s a big part of why we’re still together to this day is that it was based on a foundation of like I know this person, I want the same things as this person.”

The former 98 Degrees member says he was intrigued by the idea of a dating show where people got to know each other in a more “old school way,” rather than forming an impression based on a dating profile. “Our world is so superficial now that it’s easy to kind of write people off and make judgments,” he said.

He likes that the “Love is Blind” contestants have a chance to form a meaningful connection before adding in the stress of the real world. “You can’t live in the pods forever but you fall back on the foundation that you built in the pods,” he said.

What’s Different About Season 2?

Nick says that his job on “Love is Blind” was a bit easier this season because the contestants had already seen the process work on season one. “We didn’t have to sell them on this,” he said, adding that his main advice to the contestants was just to trust the process and be their authentic selves.

He also thinks the cast was more diverse this season. Season 2 takes place in Chicago whereas season 1 was filmed in Atlanta. Will there be a season 3 of “Love is Blind?” “I wouldn’t be at all surprised,” Nick told Heavy.

Nick’s Parenting Hack

As the dad of three kids under 10 years old, Nick admits that “the morning mayhem is very real.” One thing his kids always want to eat is Eggo waffles. “Eggo’s been a lifesaver for my family,” he said. “We literally eat Eggos every single day.”

Nick is teaming up with Eggo to give away one million free waffles the day after Daylight Savings. Parents of young children need all the sleep they can get, which makes losing that hour on Daylight Savings (happening on Sunday, March 13 this year) all the more challenging. With the waffle giveaway, Nick and Eggo are hoping to make parents’ lives a little easier.

“At least we can take the breakfast part of that equation out of the mix and make that easy for parents everywhere,” Nick said. To enter the giveaway, parents should follow Eggo on Instagram and Facebook and keep an eye out for Eggo’s waffle drop announcement on Monday, March 14.

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