‘Love Island’ Episode 9 Recap: Meet the New Islanders

Love Island season 3

CBS The love triangle between Korey, Jeremy, and Florita is heating up. Plus, two new islanders arrived in last night's episode.

Last night’s two-hour episode of “Love Island” was jampacked with fresh faces, voting results, dates, drama, and kisses.

Who are the two new Islanders that entered the villa in last night’s episode? Who do the newbies want to couple up with? And what’s the latest drama in the villa? Read on for a recap of last night’s episode.

Meet the New Guys

Two new Islanders entered the villa last night, Wes and Slade. Wes is a Harvard-educated athlete and Slade is a tall gentleman with a Southern accent. Their arrivals certainly turned heads. America voted for who the new guys took out on a date.

Cashay was chosen for a date with Wes and Aimee was chosen for a date with Slade. Wes had previously told Slade he was interested in Cash and Aimee. Slade had his eye on Shannon and Olivia but said he still enjoyed his date with Aimee.

Wes and Slade Get a Surprise Second Date

While on their dates with Cash and Aimee, Wes and Slade both got texts informing them it was time to select a girl of their choice to go on another date with. Slade picked Olivia and Wes picked Aimee.

After the dates, Wes told Slade that there was definite chemistry between him and Aimee but if he had to pick which date went better, he would choose Cash. When Cash got back to the villa, she told the girls she’s more interested in pursuing Wes than Isaiah. She joked about being peeved to be competing with Aimee for a guy yet again. Aimee just recently told Cash she would take a step back from pursuing Isaiah.

Olivia told the girls that she and Slade have all the same values and he’s more of her regular type than Javonny. She’s open to getting to know Slade better.

How is the Florita Love Triangle Going?

Both Korey and Jeremy are interested in pursuing the newest female Islander, Florita. Jeremy was previously interested in Trina and Aimee, but Florita is really the only girl Korey has been interested in throughout his whole stay in the villa.

In last night’s episode, Korey grew frustrated with Jeremy for pursuing Florita so persistently. During the 90’s themed truth or dare game, Jeremy and Florita kissed. Later in the episode, Jeremy and Florita shared their first kiss outside of a game.

Florita was open with Korey about the kiss and said she likes both him and Jeremy and isn’t sure what she’ll do about it.

The other surprise of the 90s themed truth or dare game? Aimee shared a very passionate kiss with Isaiah after telling Cash she would back off and let Isaiah pursue Cash exclusively.

Are Cash and Isaiah On the Rocks?

After her date with Wes, Cash told Isaiah that she’s interested in pursuing the Harvard hottie. Isaiah told Cash that if she starts to pursue someone else, he might also have to keep his options open.

Cash took it personally and felt that Isaiah was trying to forbid her from getting to know Wes. Isaiah assured her that wasn’t his point. It seems like Isaiah just doesn’t want to find himself without a girl when the next recoupling happens.

How to Watch Tonight’s Bonus Episode

There will be a bonus episode of “Love Island” tonight, July 19, exclusively on Paramount Plus. The episode will not air on CBS.

A Paramount Plus subscription is $4.99 a month or $9.99 a month for an ad-free experience. Tonight’s bonus episode will reveal which couple gets to spend a night at the romantic, private hideaway.

When Is the Next Recoupling?

The next recoupling will take place on Tuesday, July 20 at 9 PM EST on CBS and Paramount Plus. This week, the girls get to choose who they’d like to pair up with.

There are currently nine guys and seven girls in the villa. That means two guys are going home on Tuesday.

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