‘Love Island:’ Florita Says She & Javonny Will ‘Hook Up…But That’s It’

Florita Love Island

CBS Florita admitted she was surprised by Korey and Olivia's late connection on "Love Island."

Now that season three of “Love Island” is over, the islanders are back in the real world, reflecting on what they learned about love and about themselves.

Some islanders found a strong connection, like Shannon and Josh who left the villa together shortly after becoming an official couple. Others left the villa alone, like Florita Diaz and Javonny Vega. Florita and Javonny watched from home as people they’d previously been involved with, Korey and Olivia, won the $100,000 prize.

Florita had a strong connection with Korey before she chose to couple up with Jeremy. Javonny and Olivia were coupled up for weeks before Olivia finally admitted she saw Javonny more as a friend.

In a recent episode of The Unfiltered Hotline Podcast, which is co-hosted by “Love Island” alum Laurel Goldman, Javonny and Florita revealed what they really think of Korey and Olivia’s connection.

Florita Admits She’s ‘Surprised’ By Olivia & Korey

Olivia and Korey were both early fan-favorites, but it came as a surprise to some viewers that they ended up together. It wasn’t until Olivia came back from Casa Amor alone that she started to pursue Korey romantically.

“If I’m being honest it caught me by surprise when they did decide to find a connection together,” Florita said on The Unfiltered Hotline Podcast. However, she went on to say that no one watching from home really understands what’s going on in the villa. “If they do have that strong connection, then I’m happy for them,” she said.

Does Javonny think Olivia and Korey are the real deal? “Hopefully they are, I can’t really speak on that until I see them,” he told Laurel Goldman and her co-host Angela Wauthier.

Either way, Javonny says there are no hard feelings that he and Olivia didn’t stay together in the villa. It worked out for both of us. Olivia won and I’m loved by America,” he said.

Would Florita & Javonny Ever Get Together?

Goldman and Wauthier had Florita and Javonny play a game called “Couple Up or Dump” on the podcast. The game forced them to go through cast members from their season and say if they would couple up with them or dump them.

Although Javonny ended up choosing Florita over just about everybody else, the pair swears they could never date. “Javonny will be someone I’ll hook up with but that’s it,” Florita confessed, adding that they’re simply too similar. “Javonny is like the male version of me,” she said.

What Florita & Javonny Wish Viewers Had Seen

The “Love Island” contestants are being filmed constantly (even when they’re sleeping), and it’s impossible for the viewers at home to know everything that goes on in the villa. Florita says she wishes more of her conversations with Jeremy had made it into the show.

America thinks that I blindsided Korey when I didn’t. I actually had an insane amount of real connection and conversations with Jeremy,” Florita said on The Unfiltered Hotline Podcast. “I actually opened up to Jeremy and told him something I don’t really tell anybody…the show not showing any of that, it just kind of seems like I just had a thing for Jeremy and it was a lust thing.”

Florita added that Jeremy is very different from how he came across on the show. “Jeremy’s not boring…he’s super funny,” she said. 

As for Javonny, he wishes the viewers had seen the boys going crazy right before Florita, Roxy, and Lei-Yen entered the villa. “We was going nuts..doing backflips, front flips, jumping in pools,” he said. 

The Unfiltered Hotline Podcast is Rebranding

After a brief break, The Unfiltered Hotline Podcast is back with new segments, new guests, and new episodes every Monday.

Goldman and Wauthier ask their followers for questions and opinions to share on the show each week making the podcast highly interactive. The co-hosts dish on pop culture, relationships, and life as a twenty-something.

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