EXCLUSIVE: Who Mackenzie Dipman Would Date on ‘Love Island’ Season 3

Mackenzie Dipman Love Island

CBS Former "Love Island" contestant Mackenzie Dipman gave Heavy the scoop on which season 3 islanders she'd like to couple up with and what her breakup taught her.

Mackenzie Dipman may have left “Love Island” alone last summer, but her exit wasn’t the end of her and fellow Islander Connor Trott’s journey.

When Trott got booted off the show, he immediately FaceTimed Dipman and asked her to give him a second chance in the real world. She agreed and the pair dated for nearly six months before splitting up amicably.

Nowadays, Dipman is focused on putting herself first in relationships and growing her new business. Heavy had a chance to chat with the Arizona native about her latest projects, what “Love Island” and her breakup taught her, and who from this season she would’ve coupled up with.

Dipman Says She’s Jealous of This Season’s Islanders

Dipman has been watching season three of “Love Island” religiously and even made some spot-on predictions before the premiere. On her Instagram story, she predicted Will and Kyra (still going strong) as well as Trina and Jeremy (together at the beginning but have since parted ways). She also correctly guessed that Christian and Korey wouldn’t form immediate connections with any ladies in the villa.

As for which couples she thinks could make it all the way to the end? “I feel like Shannon and Josh could stick together. I do think they’ve been tested and I’m hopeful for them,” Dipman told Heavy. She also thinks Cinco and Trina could last. 

Dipman admits she’s envious of the season three ladies. “I am so jealous of the guys they have this season,” she said. “They’re all a little bit older and I typically date older. All of our guys were younger than us, except for James.” 

Who Would She Have Stepped Forward For?

If Dipman were part of the season three cast, which guys would’ve caught her attention? She says, Isaiah and Wes. “I like a guy who appreciates a woman with confidence. Both of those guys have been vocal about the fact that they like a woman with confidence,” Dipman told Heavy.

She also thinks that she and Javonny would be great friends. “Save Javonny at all costs,” she said. Once Javonny is out of the villa, Dipman wants him to meet Cely Vasquez from her season. “Cely is one of the best humans I’ve ever met in my entire life and I think it’d be a great match,” she said.

Some fans think that a certain season three Islander bears a strong resemblance to Dipman’s ex. “Everyone says that Jeremy looks a lot like Connor and I would’ve never stepped forward for Jeremy,” Dipman revealed. 

How ‘Love Island’ Changed Dipman’s Views on Dating

Dipman told Heavy that before going on “Love Island“, she hadn’t really done serious relationships. “I was always in situation-ships and gave guys chances for years. For Connor and I to couple up day one was very intense for me. I’d never had someone be so all in and so all about me,” she shared. 

Although her relationship with Trott didn’t work out, Dipman learned valuable lessons from it. “The biggest thing I learned from my relationship with Connor was that we both needed to put ourselves first more,” she said. The Arizona State graduate says that when she does get into a relationship again, she’ll prioritize finding someone who has the same love language as her. She’s a big fan of acts of service and quality time.

“I’m enjoying dating right now. I feel so much more in control of my dating life and I do owe a lot of that to Love Island,” Dipman says. She plans to reach out to the season three Islanders once they’re out of the villa. She wants to remind them that even if they didn’t find love on the show, they gained relationship insights that they’ll take with them throughout the rest of their lives. 

Dipman Recently Started Her Own Business

Dipman’s “Love Island” bio stated that her “ideal partner must love sports because she’s a true fanatic and watches tons of games.” She’s recently taken her longtime passion for professional sports and turned it into a podcast and business called “Out of His League.”

The idea for Out of His League came from Dipman’s personal experience as a woman who loves sports. The “Love Island” alum says people often doubt her sports knowledge because of her gender and the way she looks. She hopes to create a space for women and girls to learn and be excited about sports.

I want to encourage girls to not be intimidated by male-dominated fields,” Dipman told Heavy. Her new podcast will include lessons about sports for girls who want to learn more. As for what’s next for Out of His League? “The sky’s the limit,” Dipman says. “I would love to have a charity one day.” 

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