‘Love Island’ Predictions: Recoupling

Love Island season 3

CBS Korey and Javonny are both in danger of going home after tonights recoupling.

Get ready for the fourth recoupling of the summer, tonight on “Love Island.” Since the last recoupling, some connections have grown stronger while others have faltered.

Two new Islanders entered the villa and turned some heads. With nine boys and just seven girls on the island, two guys will be going home tonight. In the last recoupling, two of the newest girls went home. New Islanders are often at a disadvantage since they’ve had less time to form strong connections.

However, the two new boys in a house seem like they’re in a pretty good position this week. Will they stay and will a member of the original crew go home? Here are our predictions for tonight.


Cash is currently coupled up with Isaiah, but it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for the pair. Isaiah got caught telling multiple girls on the island the same thing, causing Cash to lose trust in him. Cash is also interested in one of the new Islanders, Wes, and he reciprocates the interest.

Cashay and Isaiah’s connection is still a relatively new one and has already been tested. There’s a high probability that Cash will choose Wes tonight over Isaiah.


Aimee has some options tonight. She went on dates with both of the new Islanders but it seems she’s more interested in Wes out of the two. She also has a history with Isaiah and chose to kiss him during the 90’s- themed game this week.

Aimee and Cash’s decisions tonight might come down to who gets to pick first. Whoever picks first is likely to choose Wes and whoever picks second is likely to choose Isaiah. It’s also possible that the two women will discuss their decisions with each other before the recoupling.


Olivia has been coupled up with Javonny since day one and the pair have formed a bond. However, she’s been open about the fact that Javonny is not her usual type and she’s still looking to making new connections.

When Slade entered the house, everyone knew Olivia was interested, including Javonny. The new Islander took Olivia on a date and they bonded over shared values. Will Olivia’s first impression of Slade be enough for her to dump her day one? It’s definitely possible that tonight will be the end of Olivia and Javonny.


Florita has a hard decision to make tonight. She is currently seeing both Jeremy and Korey. Jeremy has already had flings with both Trina and Aimee, whereas Korey has only had eyes for Florita in the villa. Whoever Aimee doesn’t choose is almost definitely going home tonight.


Trina and Cinco have been going strong ever since their love triangle with Cash ended. It’s almost certain Trina will choose Cinco tonight.


No surprises are likely here. Shannon and Josh are doing well after a rocky patch at the beginning.


Again, no surprises here. Kyra and Will are one of the most solid couples in the villa. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where Kyra would fall for anyone else on the island.

Who Is in Danger of Going Home?

The guys most in danger of going home are Jeremy, Korey, Javonny, and Slade. The most emotionally charged moments of the night are likely to be Florita and Olivia’s decisions.

If Florita picks Jeremy, Korey will be devastated and will certainly go home. It would be very hard for Olivia to reject Javonny after all this time, but she’s interested in finding something long-lasting and Slade is more her type.

Find out who stays and who goes tonight at 9 PM EST on CBS and Paramount Plus.

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