Meet the ‘Love Island’ Season 3 Cast!

Love Island USA season 3 cast

Youtube An all-new season of "Love Island" premieres on July 7.

You know hot girl summer has officially started when the “Love Island” cast list drops. CBS has announced the 12 singles who are headed to paradise to find love.

Season three of the hit reality dating show is filming in Hawaii, a stark contrast to last year’s Las Vegas setting. “Love Island” host Arielle Vandenberg told Us Weekly, “Vegas was so cool and had such an awesome energy for the show, but it’s really nice to be in Hawaii on an actual island so we can really call it Love Island.”

So who are the gorgeous guys and gals of “Love Island” season three? Here are the twelve new cast members, as reported by Us Weekly.


Christian Longnecker is a 24-year-old coffee company owner and a Hawaii native who hails from Oahu. His sister Hannah will be running his Instagram account while he is on the show.

Longnecker is the owner of Dynamize Coffee. The company’s Instagram bio says their coffee is mold-free, pesticide-free, and fair-trade.


28-year-old Olivia Kaiser is an Alaska native and a business owner. Her Instagram bio reveals that her astrological sign is Cancer.

“I’m responsible yet wild, professional yet crazy,” Kaiser says in the season three trailer.


Josh Goldstein is a 24-year-old college athlete from Haverhill, Massachusetts. According to his Instagram page, Goldstein played baseball at Southern New Hampshire University.

“I may be a baseball player but I’m a nice guy, I swear,” Goldstein jokes in the season three trailer.


Brooklynite Cashay Proudfoot is a 25-year-old waitress. According to her Instagram bio, she is also a model and a dancer. “Find me on a dance floor near,” her bio reads.

In the season three trailer, Proudfoot reveals the non-negotiable trait she looks for in a partner. “I need a guy who can dance, I can’t stress that enough,” she says.


From Virginia Beach, Korey Gandy is a 28-year-old rental car agent. He’s also a motorcycle enthusiast, with an Instagram story highlight titled “Harley stuff.”

“I know exactly what I want in life, I know exactly how to get there,” Gandy says in the “Love Island” trailer. “I’m ready to meet the girl of my dreams.”


The 24-year-old blonde from Pennsylvania has a job title that might surprise you: controller at a construction company.

Shannon St. Clair admits that she goes for beefy dudes. In the trailer, she says “I just wanna latch onto their muscles like a little koala.


Jeremy Hershberg is a 27-year-old personal trainer from New York City. According to his Instagram bio, he is also a fitness model and the founder of Cinemaphoric, an entertainment website.

In the trailer, Hershberg admits to being “a big nerd” and says he decided to go on “Love Island” to get out of his shell and “try something new.”


23-year-old Kyra Lizama has the admirable job title of COVID relief worker. Another Hawaii native in the cast, Lizama is from Honolulu.

“Online dating has been so difficult,” Lizama says in the season three trailer, even admitting that she once got banned from a dating app.


Melvin “Cinco” Holland, Jr. is a 25-year-old delivery driver from Ashburn, Virginia. According to his Instagram bio, he is also a trainer and the co-founder of TheToughFitness.

His bio also lists his astrological sign as Sagittarius.


In the season three trailer, Trina Njoroge proudly attests that she can spot “the red flags from miles away” when it comes to dating.

Njoroge is a 24-year-old psychiatric nurse from Hacienda Heights, California.


According to the season three trailer, Will Moncada moved to the United States from Colombia seven years ago. He is now an American citizen.

Moncada is a 26-year-old “budtender”, meaning he works at a marijuana dispensary.


Javonny Vega is a 26-year-old real estate investor from Boca Raton, Florida.

“I got a tiger tattoo for my 21st birthday cause I’m a Leo,” Vega reveals in the trailer.

When to Watch the Season Premiere

Don’t miss the season three premiere on July 7 at 9:30 PM ET on CBS and Paramount Plus!

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