Macy Chanel May: The Instagram Influencer in ‘Borat’ Sequel Thinks the Movie Is ‘Hilarious’

Macy Graves May

Instagram/Macy Graves May Macy Graves May pictured on her Instagram page in June 2020.

Macy Chanel May is the Instagram influencer who appears in a memorable scene in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm advising Borat’s daughter Tutar played by Maria Bakalova.

Shortly after the movie dropped on Amazon Prime on October 23, May, 24, said in an Instagram post that she learned “earlier this week” that she was featured in the movie. May also referred to the movie as “hilarious” in her post.

May told Heavy, “Initially, I was emailed about a “global production.” I was under the impression that I was being cast in a new Netflix original series.I was informed that I would be playing a role providing dating advice. I was cast as a “sugar baby” and to provide advice on dating older men, with improvised humor. I played the role they asked, as I would with any production.”

In the scene, May says that she is a sugar baby. According to Urban Dictionary, “A young female or male who is financially pampered/cared for by a sugar daddy or sugar mama in exchange for companionship.” May says in the movie, “So, pretty much, a sugar baby is a younger girl, like me, you and I, and we’re dating someone who’s older.”

May Was ‘Made in Texas’ but Is Now Based in California

On her Instagram bio, May says, “Who? Depends your opinion. Made in Texas;📍West Coast living.” May has amassed more than 82,000 followers on the social media site. At the time of writing, May has deleted her Facebook and Twitter pages.

On her official website, May writes, “Macy and Chanel represent iconic brands. While they are two different companies, I am Macy Chanel.”

May Says that Macy Chanel Is Her Real Name & that She Works ‘Hard to Live Up to It’

May says that Macy Chanel is not a stage name and that she works hard to live up to it. May adds, “Modeling is an extension of my life. The desire to be in front of the camera is constant and it drives me to improve.” May also says on her bio, “My energy and enthusiasm is always brought showcasing my talent as well as my communication. My goal is to be your go-to and to provide great value. I will live up to the big name that Macy Chanel implies and I want to take your brand to the next level.” In another section of her website, May says that she “extremely comfortable” with her body and that she will not pose for anything she considers “tasteless” or “with no artistic direction.”

May told Lions Magazine in a 2017 interview that she moved to Los Angeles from Texas “not long ago” in order to purse her modeling career. On her Model Mayhem profile, May says that she is based in West Hollywood. May says on that profile, “Being small, petite is where I fit in.” May rates her experience level at “very experienced” and says that she is only available for paid photo shoots.

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