Brie Larson Posts Insane Workouts

Brie Larson

Getty Brie Larson arrives on the red carpet for the Time 100 Gala at Lincoln Center on April 23, 2019.

Brie Larson is, according to her Twitter, a mushroom forager, SCUBA-certified diver, and the actor who plays Captain Marvel in the MCU. While all three of those things are pretty interesting, two require a certain level of fitness. The 31-year-old has been gearing up her workouts in preparation for next year’s “Captain Marvel 2” and has not been shy about sharing them on social media.

Larson does not, as a general thing, come across as shy on social media. Her followers have gotten to see pics of her video game obsessions and numerous videos of her singing and guitar playing, including transforming Youtube comments into song. She has a bunch of guitars. Still, while some actors are quite secretive about their pre-film athletic training, Larson has posted a bunch of footage over the years.

All the Pull-Ups

It may have been posted on April 1st, but Larson holding a pull-up for a minute is no joke. The actor clearly isn’t a beginner. Fans were impressed back in 2019 when the actor posted a video of her pull-up routine on her Instagram account.

They were also impressed when she posted one in 2018.

Captain Marvel loves pull-ups.

Larson’s Online Workouts

Taking on a role like Carol Danvers requires years of commitment and Larson’s social media has shown the progressive, cumulative effects of her efforts. Since putting on fifteen pounds for her role in “Room” back in 2015, Larson has demonstrated that dedication, but it has really seemed to flourish since the actor began to work with trainer Jason Walsh leading up to “Avengers: Endgame.” The founder of West Hollywood’s Rise Movement has worked with Emma Stone, Bradley Cooper and Matt Damon. Check out this interview with him in O.N.S.

Many people over the last year have struggled to find new workout routines in pandemic lockdown, and Larson is no different. Back in July the actor posted a full video with Walsh for folks estranged from their gym.

My first workout in quarantine … (with Jason Walsh)Hey friends! Thanks for joining. Don’t let this fool you, this was the first time I worked out all quarantine. Big thanks to Jason for virtually getting my muscles to ache (and letting me eat a 🍪 as my pre-workout)! Be sure to follow him below! If you have any suggestions on what you’d like…2020-07-30T17:00:10Z

In January Larson posted a video on her relatively new Youtube channel featuring her showing off brand new gym in leopard print workout shorts. It is a set up that puts some professional affairs to shame, and a pretty sweet Sorinex rack features in the background. Gym footage begins at the 2:00 mark.

Being flexible in 2021Happy New Year! I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy. Here’s a little update for what 2021 holds and I’m super excited for it all! From van life to air fryer life, we’re doing it together folks. Buff Twitter and Buff YouTube I’m coming for you, one Zac Efron and The Rock workout at…2021-01-07T18:30:10Z

In the video, Larson implores fellow celebrity fitness enthusiasts to join her for a virtual workout. Later that month Tegan Nox of the WWE took her up on the offer. You can check out their workout here:

Working Out with a WWE Superstar! (Tegan Nox)Did you workout with us? Big thank you to Tegan Nox and WWE for making this fun collab happen! Feeling so grateful to be building something that means so many things to so many people. If you have any workouts you’d like me to try next, comment below. As always, like and subscribe if you…2021-01-28T21:00:10Z

Captain Marvel 2: What We Know

The actor has surely been ramping up her already formidable workouts in the last few months. While still in pre-production presently, “Captain Marvel 2” will be gearing into production soon. Dark Horizons reported that a report from the Film and Television Industry Alliance revealed the film’s shooting begins in London on May 31 before moving on to Los Angeles.

The film is the follow-up to 2019’s “Captain Marvel” which acted like an MCU-wide prequel. In addition to introducing us to Carol Danvers and her journey to becoming the iconic Captain Marvel in the 90s, the film also showed us Nick Fury’s early Shield career (including handling the accident that lead to his iconic eyepatch) as well as revealing the Skrulls on Earth. Among the most important of alien races in Marvel, the shape-changing Skrulls will no doubt be at the center of “Secret Invasion,” yet another Disney Plus series currently in development. Whether the Skrulls play a part in “Captain Marvel 2” remains to be seen, but the film which takes place in the present-day will undoubtedly feature the sort of cosmic, science-fiction subject that is the superhero’s bread and butter.

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