New ‘Eternals’ Trailer Poses Question of ‘Who Will Lead the Avengers?’

Marvel Studio's "Eternals"

Marvel Studios Marvel Studio's "Eternals"

On Monday morning, Marvel Studios released a new teaser trailer for its upcoming film “Eternals,” directed by Oscar-winner Chloé Zhao.

The two-minute trailer features a voiceover from Salma Hayek’s Ajak, detailing the thousands of years the Eternals have spent on Earth keeping to themselves and integrating into human society. Ajak narrates, “We have watched and guided. We have helped them progress and seen them accomplish wonders. Throughout the years we have never interfered, until now.”

Marvel Studios’ Eternals | Official Teaser"Throughout the years we have never interfered, until now." Watch the brand new teaser trailer for Marvel Studios' “Eternals” and experience it in theaters this November. ► Watch Marvel on Disney+: ► Subscribe to Marvel on YouTube: Follow Marvel on Twitter: ‪ Like Marvel on Facebook: ‪ Watch Marvel on Twitch: Reward…2021-05-24T13:00:01Z

According to Marvel, the Eternals will have to come together and interfere to fight “mankind’s oldest enemy, The Deviants.”

“Eternals” is scheduled for a theatrical release in November.

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Eternals Embracing Earth

The trailer opens with a colossal black ship approaching the shore, seemingly appearing out of thin air. The inhabitants of the area all come out just to see it. The shot transitions to the ship’s interior, where we see Sersi (Gemma Chan) and Ikaris (Richard Madden).

Ikaris is looking out the window at the Earth’s landscape while Sersi approaches him from behind. Sersi looks at him and says, “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” The line is telling of who Sersi is, as she is described by Marvel as someone who “finds Earth and humankind beautiful.”

Chan’s character is also considered to be the film’s lead, according to an interview Marvel Studios president Feige did with Variety.

Sersi and Ikaris are also shown as a couple in the trailer, showing off their centuries-long romance. One moment seemingly reveals that the two have an Indian-style wedding, which is presumably where the Bollywood dance number featured in the trailer takes place.

The trailer also features the immortal heroes quietly living out their lives throughout time, as they help the human race advance. There are glimpses of their powers, such as organic transmutation, and how they have used their abilities to help humans with things like farming.

Ikaris, the Next Leader of the Avengers?

In the closing scene of the trailer, Marvel ends with a light moment. The Eternals are gathered at a table together, enjoying a meal prepared by Don Lee’s Gilgamesh.

Sprite, played by Lia McHugh, pauses from eating to ask, “So now that Captain Rogers and Iron Man are both gone, who do you think is going to lead the Avengers?” Ikaris takes a few seconds to ponder the question and responds with “I could lead them.” The group sits in silence for a brief moment, amused by the answer, and then shares a laugh over it.

The wording of the question, however, is important.

It reaffirms the notion that Steve Rogers is gone — though it is still unclear whether that means the former Captain America is deceased or, as was mentioned in “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” simply retired and out of the picture. But Sprite’s word choice also suggests that Sam Wilson has been accepted as Captain America.

Marvel Also Releases ‘Eternals’ Poster

In addition to dropping the trailer, Marvel also released a poster for the film.

The same ship that is shown in the opening scene of the trailer is featured on the poster. On the poster, the ship has a faded look against a sky that transitions from a starry night scene to a sunset. Silhouettes of the immortal heroes are below the ship, blending into the also silhouetted-ground.

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