On Set Photos Show First Look at Ethan Hawke in His Mysterious Marvel Role

Ethan Hawke

Getty Actor Ethan Hawk, who will be playing a mystery villain in Marvel's "Moon Knight," poses during 2020 Sundance Film Festival.

Ethan Hawke is joining the MCU and now we’ve seen our first look at him. The actor is playing an unknown villain in the upcoming Disney Plus series “Moon Knight” – among the more mysterious of projects set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four.

Hawk will be playing a major role in the series, which is due to be released in 2022, and will be playing opposite Oscar Isaac’s titular Moon Knight. Recently Isaac posted via his Made Gene Media company videos of himself training fight choreography for the show, which seemed to indicate the show would veer into fairly violent territory for Marvel fare. But until now, we have not seen any glimpse of Hawk in his surprise role.

Twitter user @ATR3lDES posted a photo of Hawke on set in Budapest. In the photo, the actor appears to be wearing a brown suit and carrying a cane as well as sporting long hair and a beard, leading to more conjecture about just who Hawke will be playing. In the comics, Moon Knight’s rogue gallery can often be a little more isolated than some of his fellow Avengers, who have historically often been paired with one another’s nemeses. As such fans are already beginning to make predictions based on the photo leak.

Who is Hawke’s Mysterious Villain?

One of the most common predictions is that Hawke will be playing “Sun King.” The character – whose real name has not been revealed – is a fairly recent addition to the Marvel pantheon having only just been introduced in 2017. Marvel has shown a willingness to explore new IP in their films and not simply rely on retread narratives and concepts from the Silver and Bronze age of comic books. The character is often shown with stringy long hair and beard and is conceptually written as a fairly heavy-handed nemesis for Moon Knight. Both are avatars of rival Egyptian deities, diametrically opposed as symbols of day and night.

Another guess making the rounds is that Hawke will show up as Jack Russell, the character most commonly known as “Werewolf By Night.” The character is among those associated with Moon Knight who has a fair amount of connections with other Marvel characters in the comics. He is, however, not typically depicted as a villain, but rather a hero or anti-hero. In fact, Moon Knight originated as a guest in a 1975 issue of “Werewolf By Night.” It seems less likely that Hawk would be playing him, but the character does have interesting ties to Eastern Europe and the magical tome, the Darkhold – recently re-introduced in the MCU during “Wandavision.”

There are still other guesses. Moon Knight’s sometimes butler and supporting character Crawley is mostly depicted as having unkempt hair, although is not usually depicted as a villain. The actor may be playing a radically reimagined version of Moon Knight’s classic villain “Bushman” or even be playing Khonshu – the Egyptian deity from which the superhero’s powers traditionally spring.

Hawk recently did an interview with The Ringer, where he discussed the project as well as his excitement at the prospect of working with Isaac. Check it out below.

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