‘The Masked Dancer’ Reveal & Spoilers: Who Was Eliminated? 2/3/2021 Recap

The Masked Dancer Sloth

FOX Sloth in the "Top 5, Dance The Night Away" episode of THE MASKED DANCER.

With only 5 contestants left in the competition, The Masked Dancer season 1 is weeks away from crowning their first champion. After all the contestants performed and offered new clues during episode 6, entitled “Top Five – Mask the Night Away,” another character was eliminated and unmasked.

So what happened during episode 6 of The Masked Dancer, and which celebrity revealed their true identity at the end of the night? Read on to find out.

BEWARE OF SPOILERS BELOW. Scroll to the end of the article to find out who was eliminated.

‘The Masked Dancer’ Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 of The Masked Dancer featured performances from the final 5 contestants: the Sloth, Zebra, Cotton Candy, Exotic Bird, and Tulip.

After introducing the episode’s guest panelist Mayim Balik, it was time for the show to truly begin.

The Tulip was first to perform, dancing another skillful routine to “My Boyfriend’s Back” by The Angels. Some clues in her video package were iced coffee, peanut butter and jelly, and a bag of potato chips. The panelists guessed she might be Liza Koshy, Haylie Duff, or Jamie Lynn Spears.

After the Zebra danced to “Take You Dancing” by Jason Derulo, the panelists felt confident that the Zebra is a professional boxer (or, at the very least, a pro athlete). They guessed he could be Oscar De La Hoya, Conor McGregor, or Barry Bonds.

The Sloth danced a Bollywood-inspired routine, and the panelists wondered if he might be a professional dancer. Their guesses were varied, predicting it could be Harry Shum Jr., Hugh Jackman, or Jack Black.

The Exotic Bird took a risk by dancing to “Opposites Attract” by panelist Paula Abdul herself. Latching onto the new clue that the celebrity behind the mask is a mom, the judges guessed she could be Khloe Kardashian, Eve, or Jordin Sparks.

Cotton Candy gave the last performance of the night, which was a remixed ballet routine to Swan Lake. The panelists agreed that she is likely a professional athlete rather than a trained dancer. They guessed she could be Kristi Yamaguchi, Simone Biles, or actress Hayden Panettiere.

At the end of the night, the audience voted to eliminate Exotic Bird from the competition, which meant it was her turn to take off her mask.

Exotic Bird Was Eliminated, Revealing Herself As…

… actress, singer, and American Idol winner Jordin Sparks!

Of her experience competing on The Masked Dancer, Sparks said, “It was great, it was freeing. I could just be anonymous.” She said she never thought she could dance on stage for an audience, but said she wanted to show her son, “it’s okay to do things that scare you sometimes.”

For their final guesses, Jeong guessed Jennifer Hudson, Bialik guessed Eve, Green guessed Ashley Graham, and Abdul and Tisdale guessed Jordin Sparks. It was no surprised to Sparks that Abdul guessed her identity correctly since Abdul was a judge on American Idol when Sparks won.

Before Exotic Bird took off her mask, the panelists each got to ask one question. From their final questions, we learned:

– she is “definitely” taller than Ken Jeong.
– she is used to performing in front of large and small crowds.
– she has maybe won a major award.
– she has been on the cover of a magazine.
– she has met Paula Abdul before.

New episodes of The Masked Dancer air on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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