McDonald’s Memorial Day Hours 2021: Is It Open or Closed?



It’s Memorial Day 2021. But if you’re wanting to get food to-go or if you’re looking for a simple drive-through meal, is McDonald’s an option for you? Are the stores even open today?

The answer is yes, McDonald’s restaurants will be open — at least in some areas. Hours can vary, however.

McDonald’s Hours Vary for Memorial Day

A representative of McDonald’s told Heavy previously that there isn’t a chainwide policy regarding whether or not the fast-food restaurants are open for most holidays like Memorial Day.

The representative said: “Hours vary by location as the majority of restaurants are franchised by independent business owners.”

This means that although most restaurants likely will be open today, you’re going to need to check with your local restaurant for the exact hours, including when the stores open and when they close.

To find a McDonald’s near you, go here.

If you prefer delivery, McDonald’s is working with a number of delivery services, including Uber Eats and DoorDash.

McDonald’s menu includes breakfast items, burgers, chicken and sandwiches, desserts and shakes, happy meals, combo meals, bakery items, sides, and more.

If you’re not looking for food, McDonald’s also has a lot of drinks as part of its regular menu. These include the caramel macchiato, the iced caramel macchiato, the cappuccino (also in caramel and French vanilla flavors), the mocha or iced mocha, the latte or iced latte (also in caramel or French vanilla), the Americano, a premium roast coffee, iced coffees (also in caramel and French vanilla), caramel and mocha frappe flavors, the strawberry banana smoothie, the mango pineapple smoothie, or even a hot chocolate.

McDonald’s Specials

McDonald’s has a number of specials right now. (These may vary by location and can change at any time.) For a limited time, you can get the BTS meal with $0 delivery fee on Uber Eats. McDonald’s writes: “0 piece Chicken McNuggets, two limited-time sauces picked by BTS, Fries and a drink. Get $0 Delivery Fee when you make a $20 McDelivery order on Uber Eats from May 26th through June 1st.”

This special is only available through the app.

McDonald’s is also offering new crispy chicken sandwiches. The site notes: “Take a bite and you’ll find out what CrispyJuicyTender means. Whether it’s Crispy, Spicy or Deluxe, there’s a new sandwich for everyone.”

You can access exclusive deals from McDonald’s, including Mobile Order & Pay options and Curbside pickup, if you use the app. An exclusive deal right now is free large fries with your app download, valid through June 27, 2021.

The following are available only for Mobile Order & Pay orders:

Also if you use the app, you can get large fries for $1 at participating stores, once a week, through June 27.

You can also get any size premium roast coffee or iced coffee for $0.99. This is valid through June 27 and can only be used once a day.

Another deal is free medium fries every Friday with a minimum $1 purchase. This offer is valid once every Friday through June 27 with contactless mobile ordering.

Download the app here.

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