Exclusive: Michelle Buteau & Jordan Carlos Chat About Their Hit Podcast ‘Adulting’

Michelle & Jordan

Gijs van der Most Michelle Buteau & Jordan Carlos

Michelle Buteau and Jordan Carlos’s hit podcast “Adulting” has returned! After a two-year hiatus, the comedy duo is back to answer burning questions like, “when should your boyfriend give up on his rap career?” and “do you need to wash your dishwasher?”

Michelle and Jordan first launched “Adulting” in the spring of 2019 and recently joined Exactly Right Media. The prominent podcast network, created by “My Favorite Murder” hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, is home to several other beloved podcasts such as “This Podcast Will Kill You” and “Tenfold More Wicked.”

Heavy had the chance to chat with Michelle and Jordan about the podcast at their August 31 show at The Bell House in Brooklyn.

Here’s what you need to know:

Michelle Buteau & Jordan Carlos Chat About ‘Adulting’


Heavy: What inspired you to start the podcast?

Michelle: I want to say it was frustration. Just frustration that there is no safe place to complain about the wonderful things in your life that you worked hard for, like doing stand-up, having a family, [and] trying to have a relationship that is not toxic either with yourself or with your partner. It’s f***ing hard man and therapy [is] expensive. So [“Adulting”] was really meant to be a space to talk about s*** that can’t fit into straight-up stand-up.

Jordan: Also, the easiest way to hang out with your friends in comedy is to do a show together.

Heavy: What is your favorite part of recording the show?

Jordan: I like listening [to the show] and hearing how the crowd felt. [The] second best [part] is probably when random people come up to you and they’re like, ‘Oh, I love when you do this or do that,’ or the messages that we get from people. Some people just really enjoy [listening] on their commute to work and some people are really going through things and need a laugh. We got a very inspiring letter from this person in Amsterdam. She was in a dark place and she said that our podcast has really helped her out.

Michelle: Having a podcast [is] really just text messaging the whole world like, ‘Hey, you up? You ok?’ And the reach is something that we could never do no matter how much stand-up we do, so it does feel like a really unique way to reach people.

Heavy: Do you have a favorite guest that you’ve had on the show?

Jordan: All of them! But someone that really made me laugh was Jim Gaffigan. Jim Gaffigan is, of course, a hilarious comedian but usually sticks to the script. And when he did our show, he just freestyled and improvised and played these different characters and said dirty, filthy words which he never gets to say on stage. So that [guest] is [going to] be burned into my brain

Heavy: If you had to describe the podcast in three words, what would they be?

Jordan: Messy.

Michelle: Sassy and truthful.

Heavy: What advice do you have for people that are looking to break into the podcasting world?

Jordan: Do it organically. Do it with someone that you enjoy and somehow that you have good chemistry with and someone that you have history with. The basis of it should be something that is true [and] that people can relate to.

Michelle: Don’t overthink it but also be thoughtful. Words have power.

Heavy: What other projects are you working on right now?

Jordan: [Michelle] is starting production on her own show on Netflix called “Survival of the Thickest.”

Michelle: It’s based on a book I wrote called “Survival of the Thickest: Plus-Sized Essays in a Small-Minded World.” It’s very exciting.

Jordan: My series “Everything’s Trash” in on Freeform and Hulu. It was really fun. We shot it this year all around Brooklyn and it stars Phoebe Robinson. That’s been really cool. I also host a show on AMC where we talk about film and discuss how it’s aged.

Heavy: Michelle, can you tell us anything about “The Circle” season 5?

Michelle: I will say that it is happening and it is wild.

You can listen to “Adulting” HERE.

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