Michelle & Victoria Newland’s Love Lives: Are the Sisters Married?

michelle and victoria newland

CBS Michelle and Victoria Newland are competing on season 32 of The Amazing Race.

Michelle and Victoria Newland are one of the sister duos competing on season 32 of The Amazing Race, airing Wednesdays on CBS. They are from Lafayette, a city in southern Louisiana, and call themselves the “Asian Cajuns.”

Are Michelle and Victoria Newland married? Are they single? Based on their respective social media accounts and a search of online records, both women are single.

Here’s what you need to know:

Michelle & Victoria Newland Describe Themselves as Opposites & Fans Can Expect to Hear Them Argue During Challenges

The Newland sisters were born and raised in Lafayette. They are the daughters of Vietnamese immigrants and can speak Vietnamese fluently. Both attended Acadiana High School and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

But that is where their similarities end. Michelle Newland explained to The Advocate, “Some sisters grow up being close. We’re just so opposite in every way — clothing tastes, music tastes, everything.”

The sisters spoke with the newspaper about how their different skill sets came into play during The Amazing Race. Michelle explained that she is the more outgoing one and had no problem approaching strangers when needed.

Victoria was described as the more “responsible” of the two due to her ability to keep track of details. Victoria told The Advocate, “I had to carry the passports and the money, the calculator and the little notebook, and she … when we were in the cab, she was yelling at me, like, ‘Hurry up and pay him!’ And I’m, like, ‘Michelle, let me use my calculator and convert everything so we don’t get gypped.'”

Fans can expect to see the Newland sisters argue during the competition. In a preview clip ahead of the premiere, host Phil Keoghan remarked that the two were known to “bicker with each other” but that he had “high hopes” that they would perform well regardless. In the clip, Michelle admitted that she was the more dramatic sister but said that Victoria knew how to calm her down in those situations.

In a separate preview clip ahead of the premiere, the Newlands said they hoped Vietnam was on the itinerary because, as they are both fluent in Vietnamese, they’d have an advantage over the other teams.

Victoria Newland Works as a Physician Auditor & Bought a House in 2019

Victoria Newland audits medical professionals for a living. According to her LinkedIn profile, Victoria has been working at Acadiana Computer Systems as a physician auditor since 2015. She has a bachelor’s degree in health information management and minored in business.

Victoria put down roots of her own in Lafayette in 2019. Lafayette Parish property records show she purchased a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in July 2019 for $220,000. She is the only owner listed on the property.

She joked about the extra costs she might incur as a homeowner shortly after she moved in. She wrote on Twitter at the time, “I just moved to a new house and my water bill is about to be through the roof! This tub is amazingggg.”

Victoria also alluded to her relationship status in late August on Twitter. She shared that a friend of hers had joked about who her perfect man would be based on the fact that she had arrived at their house with a bottle of hot sauce. Victoria also listed her relationship status on Facebook as single.

Michelle Newland Is a BMW Salesperson

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Michelle Newland explained on the CBS bio page that her job as a BMW salesperson became more than just a career for her. She said she developed a real passion for the job. “I truly enjoy gaining forever relationships and making the car shopping experience into memorable milestones. Having the opportunity to be a part of so many lives is an honor I can’t measure. I love what I do!” Michelle works at Moss BMW in Lafayette.

In August 2017, Michelle shared a meme on Instagram teasing that her job was its own separate relationship status. The image stated “Marital Status” at the top. The choices below were single, married, divorced and sales.

In an interview with The Advocate, Michelle shared that after CBS reached out to her about being on The Amazing Race, she was motivated to start exercising. The newspaper reported that while sister Victoria was a marathon runner, Michelle preferred to spend her time in high heels.

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