Roxanne Siordia, TJ Lavin’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Thomas Joseph Lavin, better known as TJ Lavin, has been the host of MTV’s “The Challenge” since the 11th season of the show, which was way back in 2005. Lavin is well-liked as a host of the show for speaking his mind about competitors who don’t give it their all or who give up on a challenge.

“The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” is premiering on August 11, 2021, and it will see the return of the longtime host TJ Lavin. Filmed in Croatia, MTV first announced the season through a short video from TJ Lavin, who said, “What up guys, TJ Lavin here, I just wanted to welcome you to the set of the 37th season of ‘The Challenge,’ placed in beautiful Croatia. This is gonna be the most epic season yet.”

Although he’s a familiar face on “The Challenge,” fans may not be as familiar with his personal life. Here’s everything you need to know about Roxanne Siordia, TJ Lavin’s wife:

1. The Two Met on November 2, 2004 & Married 8 Years Later on the Same Day in 2012

TJ met Roxanne Siordia at an event on November 2, 2004, and they were together for 8 years before tying the knot in Las Vegas.

In an interview, TJ said “We always knew we wanted to get married on November 2 because that’s when we met. I knew I was gonna marry her the second I met her. We thought about doing it at the drive-thru but we couldn’t go through with it, so I said I was down for City Hall. Fancy weddings aren’t our thing.”

On October 14, 2010, TJ Lavin, who is a BMX rider, crashed during an event and suffered critical injuries. He was rushed to the hospital and placed in a medically induced coma for nine days. He eventually made a full recovery, but he said that his accident put a lot of things into perspective.

He told People: “My coma… really messed up things. If you go in a coma it really messes with your social life, so don’t do it,” he laughed. “But when I got [through] my wreck… it opened my eyes, and we had to work on our relationship more and make it more of a priority. We had to find ourselves – [then] everything was cool.”

2. Roxanne Has a Daughter From a Previous Relationship

TJ Lavin is a proud stepfather to Raquel, Roxanne’s daughter from a previous relationship. It’s unclear who Raquel’s biological father is, but TJ has since formally adopted her. Roxanne posts a lot of pictures with her daughter on social media and the two appear to be really close.

On Raquel’s birthday, Roxanne posted on Instagram a heartfelt message: “Happy Birthday baby. I was just 18yrs old when I had my daughter and what an amazing journey it’s been growing up together. I’m so very proud of the woman you are! You will forever be my first love and my very best friend.”

Raquel is 21 years old and has attended hair styling school. According to her Instagram, she is a stylist who can do colors, cuts, makeup and extensions.

3. Roxanne Was Born August 28, 1980, & Lives in Las Vegas

The 40-year-old mother lives in Las Vegas with her family, but also enjoys being active and traveling. Her Instagram bio describes her as a “travel addict” and most of her pictures involve traveling, hiking, and activities like rock climbing.

On her website, she says she is an “IronMan athlete, marathon and trail runner.” She also has pictures of surfing, snowboarding and trail running so she’s definitely a well-rounded athlete.

On TJ’s birthday on December 7, Roxanne wrote, “We always said we were going to grow old together…well it’s actually happening. And we’re even dressing alike. Happy Birthday my love, at least you’ll always be older than me.”

4. She Is a Nutritionist & Follows a Vegan Lifestyle

Roxanne became a certified fitness nutritionist in 2011 and also a certified health coach in 2013. She is a plant-based nutritionist and a vegan and runs her own business called All Things Plant Based.

On her website, she offers health and fitness coaching through services like nutrition consulting, meal planning and a meal prep service. She also offers fitness classes that are “a mix of strength training, metabolic conditioning, HIIT, weightlifting, running and core work.” Her fitness class members are also part of the social club which gets together for “travel, hiking, races and local community activities.”

Recently, she wrote on Instagram, “Every single human on this planet should be an environmentalist. This is our home. Mother Nature gives us so much and all we do is take.”

5. She Has Done a Fair Bit of Modeling in the Past

Roxanne has done some modeling in the past. In 2011, she was a participant in the Flex Bikini Model Search. She was also one of the babes on MX vs. ATV: Untamed. In her interview about her appearance on MX vs. ATV, she said: “I grew up riding dirt bikes, quads, sandrails and always had 4-wheel-drive trucks.”

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