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The 6th episode of “The Challenge: All Stars” season 3 is dropping on Wednesday, June 8, on Paramount+ but we’ve got an exclusive first look at the episode in this article.

The challenge in this episode is called “Stacked” and it shows that competitors will be taking part in a “mini-final” involving endurance, strength and puzzle-solving.

Here is the exclusive first look:

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The ‘Stacked’ Challenge Will See Competitors Eliminated at Each Phase

The clip starts with host TJ Lavin telling competitors that the challenge is called “Stacked” and will take place in two heats of seven competitors. The first phase consists of a run to a code station, where cast members will have to scratch the board to reveal a four-digit code. The code will allow them to unlock their paddle and proceed to the next phase.

Once competitors have their paddle, they will grab a stand-up paddleboard. However, TJ lets the competitors know that there are only five boards available, meaning that two competitors will not be able to continue the challenge. The cast members will then paddle out to a floating dock to retrieve their puzzle pieces.

Once back on land, they will have to go to a puzzle-solving station to solve the puzzle. TJ reveals that there are only three stations, which means that phase will see another two competitors dropped from the running. The winner of each heat will form the Authority; as viewers learned last week, the Authority now only consists of two competitors.

The clip ends with Nehemiah Clark sharing that he’s been playing a “low-key game” so far and managed to keep targets off his back. “I’ve been stealth,” he says. “Nehemiah is not even here.” Viewers will have to wait and see if that will change for Nehemiah in this episode.

Last Week’s Episode Was the Halfway Point of the Season & TJ Lavin Shook Things Up

Last week’s episode marked the halfway point of the show and it saw TJ make a big change in the rules, limiting the Authority to only two competitors instead of six. He also shared that the last place competitor in the challenge is no longer going straight to the elimination. Instead, the Authority will vote for a male and female all-star to go into the arena and those chosen will be able to call out their opponents.

The 5th episode ended with Wes Bergmann defeating Yes Duffy, one of the three “All Stars” champions in the house. Another champion, season 2 winner Jonna Mannion, also won her elimination against Beth Stolarczyk. Sylvia Elsrode and Mark Long, the winners of the episode’s challenge, will have the power of the sabotage going into this week’s challenge.

The 5th episode ended with the usual “Next On” preview for episode 6 and it showed that viewers can also expect some conflict between Sylvia and KellyAnne Judd, as Sylvia shares in a confessional that KellyAnne gets “under her skin” while KellyAnne calls out the Treehouse during a conversation.

New episodes of “The Challenge: All Stars” season 3 drop on Paramount+ every Wednesday.

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